Inexpressible: a personal blog + journal.

It's nothing more or less than this, it's everything more and less than this.

It's a bottle of vino you bought that was a bit more expensive than your usual fare, that you didn't think you would love so much. Because you wouldn't have drank the whole bottle, alone. No, it's not that bottle, it's the one you bought after that the next day, realizing it's too expensive.

It's also a hand written love note you never got before because you didn't go to high school in the era where e-mail wasn't.

Lastly it's all the people who sat on a particular park bench in a particular park somewhere, and the stories they've unknowingly shared by simply sitting there. And every time one of these people found a page torn out of my journal, a frustrated poet's meanderings and scribbled lines, some of which delight and amaze them and other times confuses the average reader

Fast forward to today. Blogs are a bit dated, here to stay but so prolific everybody’s got one, and on every subject known to man. Some kids pet rock, a guy who likes wearing diapers, some girls makeup and relationship advice, soccer moms, neo nazi’s, ninjas, PTA board members, people wanting to be robots, robots wanting to be people, assassins and bounty hunters. It’s a regular Jerry Springer audience.

Yet for me, it still remains as a bastion of personalized writing, as the original 1.0 spirit lives on, where we winged it, tried it, did things however it came to pass. That’s how daddy does it, it’s how America does it, and it’s worked out pretty well so far.

I do thank you, intrepid and brave reader for being here, for dwelling with me and reading what I have to say…well that’s basically it. Please enjoy.

Thank you for coming here and checking me out!
  • Name: spike
  • username: untamedfox or uniqfox
  • ethnicity: Korean + Italian
  • height: 6'0
  • wt:172 lbs approx
  • IQ smart cookie
  • EQ people smart
  • special abilities: knows martial arts, design + art, cooking, urban + outdoor survival

I'm spike your very special friend ^_^ just your average enhanced human from the city of hot air (Chitown, home of the cubs). I'm a poet, a writer, an artiste + designer. By day a digital art director who creates 'stiuff'. When nobodies looking I get into the middle of things, researching places or infiltrating enemy territory, secret investigations, adventure, and connecting the dots. I'm someone who loves writing, drawing, art, and am a gifted poet as well. I've played cello since I was 18 (35 now) and that was after receiving my black belt in Tae Kwon do.
More Raised by the 80's and still going strong, I'm an eclectic city cat, a bit of a literary nerd, a poet who also draws and paints because he can. I've played cello since 9 and got my black belt in Tae Kwon Do when I was 16. I practice in Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Leeroy's interpretation of kung fu. My retirement plan is to form an underground cult of cute, funny, attractive, and enlightened beings who are a secret club of enhanced humans dedicated to righting wrongs and protecting the oppressed, the innocent, and the beautiful.