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Truth, Life and Relevancy

Once you elim­i­nate the impos­si­ble, what­ev­er remains, no mat­ter how improb­a­ble, must be the truth. -Arthur Conan Doyle

wher­ev­er I roam and look : the worst in peo­ple man­i­fests in these dig­i­tal ecosys­tems we inhab­it. peo­ple were con­sumed with this sim­ple ham­ster wheel men­tal model :

per­son x wants attention
from a per­son who wants more attention
from more per­sons want­i­ng more attention
every­one won­der­ing why nobod­ies notic­ing them, val­i­dat­ing, rec­og­niz­ing them. we’ve all become invis­i­ble to each oth­er. Nice­ly put : nar­cis­sists look­ing for atten­tion from oth­er ones.

peo­ple try­ing to attain a form of rel­e­van­cy by test­ing, try­ing all kinds of kook­ie shit. even self humil­i­a­tion if need be.

all for a cheap laugh, a like, a fol­low­er, a com­ment, a reac­tion, a share, a this or that.

the more inured we become the more lost and dis­il­lu­sioned, estranged from reality. 

you see, dur­ing the web 1.0 era we all got the human need to be read, noticed, under­stood, just idio­syn­cra­cies of ordi­nary mor­tals. these trans­ferred over to anti-soc media real­i­ty shows that are rife with infor­ma­tion obe­si­ty and self induced narcissism.

emo­tion­al idol­a­try that sucks peo­ple in, designed to per­haps with insid­i­ous engi­neer­ing and design method­olo­gies. The base human capa­bil­i­ty to focus and work seems to be very extinct. The only exis­tent focus capa­bil­i­ty seemed to be self absorp­tion. We can­not pry our­selves away from our banal exis­tence and won­der why it is we’re bored, despite all of this sim­u­lat­ed life we’ve been told is life, when it’s non-life.

Once, humans could right­ly iden­ti­fy and agree that this was bad. That rot­ting on the inter­net was­n’t exact­ly healthy or ratio­nal. Peo­ple right now knew damned well that it caus­es more strife, grief, anx­i­ety, social media com­par­isons, envy, hate, fear, lust, lying than any­thing. Of course it will psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly shape us, mold us into ways per­haps we’re not meant to be. Yes, there is some good aspects. Yet do we as peo­ple have the nec­es­sary tools and where­with­al to dwell online and not be con­trib­u­tors to the tox­ic dump it’s become ? To not be hope­less­ly lost in per­fect strangers lives ?

We need to all unplug, to dig­i­tal­ly detox and fast from this ram­pant, con­stant heady stream of 247 neg­a­tiv­i­ty less it maligns us worse than when we all arrived here. Michae­lan­gelo’s, Beethoven, Mozart, Da’Vin­ci would­n’t have achieved the extra­or­di­nary with­out dis­ci­pline and restraint.

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