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nowa­days, and espe­cial­ly right now (in the gen­er­a­tion of right now-ism) we’re more hope­less­ly immersed (lost) in tech­nol­o­gy, in the self absorbed ecosys­tems of the self absorbed. It’s a long wind­ed argu­ment, con­ver­sa­tion, project, and thread that’s all about how to not live bet­ter than before. How to exist in a sim­u­lat­ed exis­tence 247. Yet we grav­i­tate toward the unde­ni­able sway and tide of it, will­ful­ly.

Delu­sion­al promis­es of end of lone­li­ness and suf­fer­ing, and every known social health haz­ard of yes­ter­day spir­it­ed away just like that. Yet in the real­ly real world, any­body under the sun intrin­si­cal­ly real­izes (or ought to, at least) that good things come to those who gar­ner patience and self dis­ci­pline. Even things not wait­ed for or earned, when had with imme­di­a­cy often times fail to sat­is­fy. It’s like a mas­ter chef cook­ing a mas­ter­ful, exquis­ite gourmet meal of lav­ish mag­ni­tude, the said chef” 5th sym­pho­ny com­posed in food form. Yet said chef used oth­er method­olo­gies his com­peti­tors used, which he him­self employed sim­ply for expe­ri­ence think­ing those tech­niques supe­ri­or. He takes short­cuts, the food isn’t up to par, it tastes dif­fer­ent than it ought. In short he’s dis­sat­is­fied in his spir­it. The strug­gle, the exer­tion when ren­dered worth­less, a pain point becomes less roman­tic and ful­fill­ing. It’s assas­si­nat­ing the whole plea­sur­able essence of a thing. If noth­ing was worth some sac­ri­fice life would become far more dull than it already could poten­tial­ly be, why make it more dull than dull actu­al ?

the hope­less, anti roman­tic mileau of inter­net cul­ture + life has cer­tain­ly chipped away and chis­eled out all ves­tiges of what once was. Yet like AI it isn’t even tru­ly aware of its own self, its own side effects on the psy­che of oth­ers. If the world actu­al­ly knew the good and the bad, it might have ten­ta­tive­ly stepped toward a tech addict­ed cul­ture rather than leap head­long into bed with it. Intend­ed side effects include nar­cis­sism, self absorb­sion, iso­la­tion, OCD, and neg­a­tive think­ing (any­thing I missed here?). Today we see no improve­ment, no bet­ter­ment in the way things are (or aren’t) yet the gate­keep­ers them­selves are under scruti­ny and attack for wrong­ing their own users (Zucker­berg). What are we going to do when all there real­ly is to do is update anti-social media and call it a night ? Sure­ly there must be some enter­tain­ing aspects to it all besides post­ing self­ies of ones own self try­ing” not to try, pre­tend­ing not to be pre­tend­ing. It’s all pret­ty darn wierd no need to make it wierder or pre­tend that wierd is per­fect­ly ordi­nary. We might glean use­ful bits of infor­ma­tion online but not all of it at all qual­i­ty or applic­a­ble to real life. So in essense it’s more delu­sion­al than we even can con­ceive of it as a whole. We take secu­ri­ty in its intel­li­gence steroids when they’re actu­al­ly more place­bo.

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Spike's a poet from Chicago with a very particular set of skills, and has become a vigilante who takes out purse snatchers and punks that menace society. He's also been heavily involved in the ongoing battle against ninjas and corruption. One day he discovered he had extraordinary gifts that differentiated him from normal folk and the government has been after him ever since (not really, feels good to be wanted though). Coffee snob and weapons specialist, foodie, karaoke master, and drawer of people, places, and solver of cold cases. Read More

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