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This Newness feels old

Hel­lo future self, and any peo­ple that are read­ing this right now, won­der­ing why they’re even here read­ing this. Yet why does any­one actu­al­ly scour the web for per­son­al blogs except to steal our key­words and our thoughts, ideas, prod­uct reviews. What we might actu­al­ly freely give away. See the inter­net isn’t what it once was, it’s start­ing its steady decline into a back­ward, bro­ken, cor­rupt shad­ow of itself. Over­ly pop­u­lat­ed with tak­ers now who have been con­di­tioned to be vam­pires, obese par­a­sites that suck the mar­row out of oth­ers very existence.

In today’s mod­ern world, a crazy fun lov­ing cat like me needs a dojo, online and off. Now that anti-social media is in the process of destroy­ing itself beau­ti­ful­ly, the blog is back in action. Quite hon­est­ly I’ve nev­er got­ten addict­ed to ‘social­iz­ing’ on anti-social plat­forms. Mak­ing dia­per stains like Zucker­berg suc­cess­ful isn’t my cup of tea. He’s a com­mu­nis­tic, anti-Amer­i­can con­trol freak. One day, hope­ful­ly soon will dis­ap­pear from the con­ver­sa­tion entirely.

In this day and age, the anti­quat­ed art of blogging/journaling seems just that, old­school. So here I is, engag­ing in it ful­ly, shar­ing things with you. My blaz­ing insights, pro­found thoughts, soul wit, what­ev­er comes to mind. There’s no mon­e­ti­za­tion, I don’t do google non­sense or click­bait BS. This is for me, by me, and that’s all you’ll see here.

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