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This Amer­i­can life

Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, Every king­dom divid­ed against itself will be ruined, and every city or house­hold divid­ed against itself will not stand. -Matthew 12:25

Amer­i­ca 🇺🇸 today is a boy trapped in his plas­tic bub­ble. Said boy is an obese brat who does­n’t enjoy being told what to do, is a Wikipedia know it all and is over­all a nasty lit­tle rebel­lious kid. Wants to play video-games and eat crap con­tin­u­al­ly. His only idea of offline life is receiv­ing Ama­zon pack­ages and spy­ing on neigh­bors through Ring or some oth­er smart cam­era devices. When he does social­ize he seeks and destroys those he feels like, at ran­dom. There’s no reper­cus­sion to this besides the pre­dictably weak, mil­que­toast reac­tions of his bul­ly­ing vic­tims par­ents. Thus cre­at­ing future bul­lies out of the bul­lied. No amount of polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness will cure such anti-social behav­ior either, it only affords an illu­so­ry impo­tent emo­tion­al sense of auto correction.

The vast major­i­ty of the pop­u­la­tion are inured in the matrix, they obvi­ous­ly took the blue pill. there’s been so many still plugged in they think that dat­ing apps still work and engag­ing in tox­ic dis­course is some­how win­ning and reward­ing. If nobody agrees with their vaunt­ed, con­vo­lut­ed and usu­al­ly error rid­den ideologies/​world views they get added to a list’, can­celed, what­ev­er idi­ot­ic reac­tionary cop­ing mech­a­nism they’ve adopt­ed. Pow­er­less, weak and unhinged fac­tions need to employ these types of thought weapons to com­pen­sate for lack of truth, knowl­edge and com­mon sense. They know they can­not win based on their own mer­its (or lack there­of) thus they need to cre­ate utter con­fu­sion, chaos and oth­er dis­trac­tions in order to fur­ther advance their cor­rupt views. Any who dare to resist this irra­tional mind­set is quick­ly evis­cer­at­ed and reg­u­lat­ed to an ene­my to be sub­ject to pro­cess­ing (e.g. destruc­tion). Know your ene­my, boys and girls these are Amer­i­can com­mu­nists total­ly brain­washed by the cor­rupt pro­pa­gan­dist media. They’ve been pro­grammed to believe if you dis­agree, dis­obey, and dis­sent you are not one of them and there­fore you will be destroyed, ridiculed, humil­i­at­ed, char­ac­ter assas­si­nat­ed, you may lose your busi­ness, income, any­thing that you hold pre­cious. As long as it gets you to a state of com­pli­ance. They aren’t your friends, they could­n’t give a hot shit about your per­son­al opin­ions, beliefs, what­ev­er. They just want you sup­pli­cant, docile and calm as a hin­du cow. To go along with their mas­ter plan calm­ly, cool­ly, entire­ly w/​o incident.

If you require a mod­el of what it is they do to a place when they dig their filthy talons and fangs into a par­a­sitic host just look to Chica­go. First, the most clever spread their cor­rup­tion through­out every ori­fice of a place. They have to estab­lish a vast net­work of par­a­sitic hosts (e.g. tax­pay­ers) to bleed for liv­ing in their lit­tle ecosys­tem. How to get away with this ? Well they need their sheep to believe they are the good guys, the hero­ic ones the right­eous under­dogs fight­ing the good fight. Any­body who dis­agrees with their reli­gion, and it is a cult make no mis­take is clear­ly the evil doers wor­thy of their con­dem­na­tion. Those who expose them for who it is they tru­ly are, and con­front them with truth are ene­mies of the state to be feared, loathed and ulti­mate­ly destroyed. The cor­rupt who have their hands in the cook­ie jar will fight vehe­ment­ly to main­tain their sys­tem. No dif­fer­ent than the Ital­ian mob who will exe­cute auda­cious hits on any­body stu­pid enough to go against their illic­it enter­prise. Absolute pow­er cor­rupts absolute­ly indeed.

If there’s any­thing that the Biden régime has already vivid­ly illus­trat­ed for us, it’s that there’s no way in hell grand­pa ear­piece right­ful­ly won the pres­i­den­cy on his own mer­its. It is obnox­ious­ly damn­ing right now and painful­ly self evi­dent it was through total wide scaled fraud on an unprece­dent­ed lev­el. Fake media were in on it, deep state, big tech, all the hater lib­er­tards on twit­ter, the USPS postal work­ers all oper­at­ing out of that same spir­it of hate and bit­ter­ness. When you see Chi­nese com­mu­nis­tic head­lines like NO VOT­ER FRAUD FOUND WHAT­SO­EV­ER!’ in Amer­i­can MSM and online arti­cles well, what does that tell you ? Not to men­tion a shit­load of oth­er laugh­able give­aways from the Hunter Biden scan­dal sup­pres­sion to courts sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly shut­ting down inquiries into elec­tion fraud.

For right now, we must not suc­cumb to the temp­ta­tion of becom­ing a genet­ic clone of our own ene­my. The ene­my had revealed itself dur­ing the George Bush jr. era when his admin­is­tra­tion cre­at­ed this under­ground anti-Amer­i­ca left­ist cult. Only embold­ened and strength­ened dur­ing the entire Obum­mer era and now we’re see­ing exact­ly who it is they are, and what it is they’re real­ly capa­ble of : any­thing to main­tain a stran­gle­hold on absolute pow­er. Vin­dic­tive, hate fueled, illog­i­cal, unac­count­able and imper­vi­ous to hold­ing their own unat­tain­able stan­dards that they hold toward any/​all of their ene­mies who are : we, the peo­ple.

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