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The Pen­du­lum Sways

The world is over­come with incur­able chaos. In Amer­i­ca, law­less­ness pre­vails. The cor­rupt have infect­ed upper ech­e­lons of big gov, and installed their own type of virus into the hearts and minds of the clue­less sheep. Any­one with half a brain, com­mon sense and what­ev­er else who voic­es any sort of objec­tive con­trary opin­ion is silenced, or they’re fired/​canceled, nul­li­fied, and ulti­mate­ly char­ac­ter assas­si­nat­ed if need be. What­ev­er it takes to get the job done, the job ? That’s to mute the ones who aren’t eas­i­ly duped, who are prov­ing to be dif­fi­cult and a prover­bial thorn in some big shots behind. The ones still singing and danc­ing to the tune of anti-Amer­i­can rhetoric want to believe they’re on the right side. But win­ning at all costs’ and pre­tend­ing its legit isn’t actu­al­ly a win, it’s an abysmal fail­ure ulti­mate­ly. You can cel­e­brate that hal­low, emp­ty vic­to­ry (fail­ure) and say hah hah for so long before it catch­es up to you. Like John Wick says, there are consequences. 

The left­ists who are the virus of cul­ture is con­tin­u­al­ly hav­ing infec­tion par­ties. They’ve proven beyond any shad­ow of doubt that they aren’t capa­ble to lead, gov­ern, or take on any seri­ous issues besides lin­ing their own pock­ets. If this were Game of Thrones they’d be the wheel that Khal­isi wants to shat­ter. They destroy entire cities, cor­rupt elec­tions, destroy Amer­i­can lives and busi­ness­es and spew garbage rhetoric. They also hate Amer­i­ca and Amer­i­cans and are the par­ty of hatred, intol­er­ance. This isn’t any­thing new, and I do hate hav­ing to speak about pol­i­tics in gen­er­al. Yet when free­doms are under heavy assault and red flags raised one needs to shake them­selves off from the dulling com­pla­cen­cy of mon­dern exis­tence. Ger­mans, Cubans, North Kore­ans, Venezuel­lan’s and many oth­ers are alarmed at the damn­ing sur­mount­ing evi­dence of socialism/​communism try­ing to spread. And it will with a con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed, com­pro­mised, cor­rupt media spew­ing non­sense garbage and cov­er­ing for the lib­er­tard left cult. And it is a cult. When they’re try­ing to pro­gram you by fake media pro­pa­gan­da, indoc­tri­nate you in all lev­els of edu, and shame you for think­ing any­thing con­trary to them and their agen­da then you’re deal­ing with a spot on legit cult in every sense of the word.

There’s no more real elec­tions going for­ward any­more, the state of CA proved that much. Only when all of the axis of evil is irrev­o­ca­bly dis­man­tled then rebuilt can that be (big tech, fake MSM, big gov).

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