Guide our dreams /​Michael Leu­nig

Dear God

We give thanks for the dark­ness of the
night where lies the world of dreams. Guide
us clos­er to our dreams so that we may be
nour­ished by them. Give us good dreams
and mem­o­ry of them so that we may car­ry
their poet­ry and mys­tery into our dai­ly lives.
Grant us deep and rest­ful sleep that we
may wake refreshed with strength enough to
renew a world grown tired.
We give thanks for the inspi­ra­tion of stars,
the dig­ni­ty of the moon and the lul­la­bies of
crick­ets and frogs.
Let us restore the night and reclaim it as
a sac­tu­ary of peace, where silence shall be
music to our hearts and dark­ness shall
throw light upon our souls. Good night.
Sweet dreams.