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I really hate Instagram, can't help it but I do. I dislike the constant comparison models it presents, the fake lifestyles, and the influencers on there. It's a petri dish for narcissism, really. but hey some people are all into it, they built their careers around influencing, the job title of unemployed hipsters with large followings. Yet what I detest the most is the rise of Instapoets. Fake, talentless, lame writers who have formed a cultish following based on their hallow, anemic writings that anybody could've written. My strong disdain for these talentless snowflakes is that they essentially created a cheap backdoor to success based on the likes and follows of a legion of people who find real, legit poetry too hard, intimidating and difficult. So the likes of Atticus, rupi kaur and Lang Leav essentially made up their own premium version of fake poetry to feed these clueless kids. I especially despise the very word 'Instapoetry' like poetry is somehow insufficient. The gatekeepers, those publishing houses in Canada just saw $$ and said to hell with standards. Essentially they were seduced by their own unchecked greed, Chief among these are two con artist hacks from Canada: rupi kaur, and Atticus. Both have this in common: their ill-begotten fame is born of Instagram, liked 馃憤 into actual publication, and they're both purveyors of horrific literary trash, vogon poetry for the clueless. If I could describe their work it would be: talentless trash wannabe poetry porn. Next up on this list is the talentless Lang Leav another addition to a growing list. She's a New Zealand Asian girl author of 'Sea of Strangers' which reads like a Korean Drama google translated into lines of horrible verses. The founding mother of the whole phenom is rupi kaur, who started to make some noise of course with her little IG stunt. She posted images of herself menstrating (with her clothes on) and turned them into a feminist art exhibit. Yeah real artistic genius. Even IG had to say 'That's disgusting' until they stopped and reconsidered their stance and caved in. Later, kaur self publishes and her


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This is simply my bright white mindspace online, written in a way that's easily digestible. Let's face it people have short attention spans these days, I get it.

my bright white mindspace, niche-blog, sketch-journal on the interwebs.

Thought life, writing life, actual life contained in a simple wordpress blog. I figured I'd simply share and see what may come of it, if anything at all. Not for likes, love, followers, or monetization, I really don't prostitute my art for profit sake. So no google nonsense or clickbait herein, less its to a deliberate thing for you to go somewhere I need you to go. Don't be surprised by my antics, please.

This is: 60% personal journal, which might be offensive (only if you're easily offended), 40% personal blog: personal quotes, listicles, writings, poetry, art, bookmarks, whatever I want to put up.


spike's originally a Chicago born native who recently became a perma resident of the piedmont state of North Carolina (entire state cheers at this, I swear). An enhanced human, 50% Korean + 50% caucasian, sufficiently smart nuff to be considered a threat and liability. He's a serious goof, when nobodies watching, and friends think he just turned 21 all over again. He attributes his youthful exterior to drinking the blood of young runaways *obnoxious belch*.

I describe myself thusly: a guy with the heart of a poet, the soul of an artist, the mind of an assassin, and the personality of a used car salesman. I'm a bit of a peculiar blend of Vince Vaughn, Captain Kirk, Bruce Lee, Bill Murray, and James Bond.

If you're at all curious you can always read my origin story, it's a real page-turner.