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New Begin­ning

Clos­ing time…every new begin­ning comes from some oth­er begin­ning’s end…yeah!. ‑Semi­son­ic, Clos­ing Time.

This was the song I was karaok­ing the week before my exo­dus from Chica­go, which had been my world most­ly. The city where my ori­gin sto­ry tran­spired was soon to be replaced. Good­bye, big city next stop ? Chapel Hill, NC. Sounds excit­ing ? That’s because it is. Unless you’re some unfeel­ing, stone heart­ed robot. Even then, some peo­ple real­ly are that. As for myself a new adven­ture await­ed, a new place filled with new peo­ple. Kinder, smarter peeps per­haps, with kinder and sweet­er ways. I’m going to get depro­grammed from being an urban­ite city slick­er here, and that’s not entire­ly bad. Per­haps it’s what’s best for me after all. Look at the cities crum­bling in chaos and pan­ic through­out the coun­try. Peo­ple stam­ped­ing to escape won­der­ing what were they even think­ing being there in the first place.

I left the windy city on a Fri­day morn­ing, Aug 31st, 2019 at approx­i­mate­ly 6:30 am. There was a sub­tle, faint chill lin­ger­ing in the air, indica­tive of a soon to be win­try autumn. Sum­mer’s were weak in Chica­go, which was a poet­ic insult. You wait all damned win­ter for the sum­mer only to get a faint, teas­ing kiss of it. Where I was head­ing there was­n’t any win­ter, not win­ter to a true Chicagoan. I even man­aged to break my lease and break off my xfin­i­ty inter­net w/​o penal­ties. My path was smooth as but­ter and silk. I even bequeathed by space aged high tech bed to my upstairs neigh­bor, a choco­late Nubian princess named Paris. Of course she begged me to help her move it on my way out, delay­ing me. Has­sles of life. Fine, very well so be it. A hero is always sac­ri­fi­cial like this. Read More