Pho­to sto­ry : The Road

The Road

I took this shot right before true win­ter had come. I like nature, if only for soli­tude and tran­quil­i­ty it imparts in all of us, when we can come to the silent under­stand­ing we are mere mor­tal crea­tures and very finite ones. I like to imag­ine it would take us to places we secret­ly wish we were in, anoth­er time, anoth­er place, a place that defies our expec­ta­tions. Places that with­stood time and were sat­u­rat­ed with fad­ed mem­o­ries of past sto­ry­tellers.

The road beck­ons us to fol­low it, not with fear or trep­i­da­tion but in awe and won­der, where will it take us ? And to leave our sil­ly anx­i­eties and fears behind, which are obsta­cles toward love and knowl­edge, and life in gen­er­al.