I want to escape
From this max­i­mum secu­ri­ty prison
Called escapism
And have my Andy Dufresne moment

I’ll escape the sis­ters, who prey
Upon the weak, and try to steal
Your very soul from under­neath you
And fight with gus­to the vile ones
In boil­er rooms

And when I’m on a hot roof
Dur­ing a mer­ci­less sum­mer day
Offer to make a tax shel­ter
For an evil guard

One might argue now, right­ly so
That escap­ing from escapism
is in truth, escap­ing from escape
The math doesn’t add up !

No, let me frame it in this way
I’m escap­ing from a being wrong­ful­ly con­vict­ed
Of crimes of pas­sion
And being pum­meled by the injus­tices of life
Because of the man I was des­tined to become

Not what cul­ture tells me who I ought to be
Or the har­row­ing traps of our great soci­ety’

When I get out of here, I’m tak­ing you with me
and then, we’ll final­ly leave this place
To find Annabel Lee’s King­dom by the Sea


There are mark­ers from my deep past
That con­tained a frag­ment of me
Which seems to have been purged
From life’s brows­er his­to­ry

I walk down Oak street, enam­ored by the wannabe
Par­sian shoppes and the fad­ed glam­our of the 1980’s
When American’s were pres­ti­gious and wealthy
trans­fixed by the glit­tery, beau­ti­ful lights of life

Through­out my 20’s I had a pecu­liar habit of par­ty­ing in hotels
With friends, not your aver­age ones, but ones with fad­ed antiq­ui­ty
That remind­ed me of the rich his­to­ries and glo­ri­ous fan­ci­ful sophis­ti­cates
Who did it with class and style that’s no longer

Mon­trose beach, along the lake­front
Dad and old­er sis­ter used to take me there, just to enjoy
Sim­ple seren­i­ty, and bask­ing in the moment
moments entwined in the dou­ble helix of my time­line

Dad cruis­ing like a big olé pyi­amp down lake shore dri­ve
On his way into the office of Lester B. Knight
The high ris­es that spoke about worlds of infi­nite pos­si­bil­i­ties
I want­ed to live like the Jef­fer­sons

My familia’s su casa, the ances­tral estate on a street called Dover,
Was the U.S.S. Enter­prise of my youth, a cas­tle of bright lights
and har­row­ing melan­cholies
Imag­ine a ves­sel that was sat­u­rat­ed with the entire­ty of your exis­tence

I missed the esquire the­ater on Oak, where I first saw Return of the Jedi.
Also the one in Water Tow­er, where I went on my first date, and had my first
Offi­cial date’ kiss,

I can­not exclude Mar­shall Fields on State street
Moth­er would dri­ve me crazy spend­ing the entire day there
Not buy­ing a sin­gle thing ! It’s Xmas eve
You’re dri­ving me absolute­ly crazy

And Ryan’s restau­rant,
Moms and me would enjoy meals togeth­er
Warm heart­ed, kind wait­ress­es with hearts of gold
That thought me so adorable
Stuffed floun­der, deli­cioso,

Call to Arms

The elit­ists strived to exclude
your soul wit from the cov­et­ed ech­e­lons
of war­riors-poets of the ink well
try­ing to con­trol the uncon­trol­lable winds

those that chan­neled and har­nessed raw
pas­sion, fresh as Tokyo sushi
into bright wings of alive­ness
instill an infu­sion of love for noth­ing at all

I came to tell you, you don’t need an advanced degree
or an IQ of 170, and to have been gross­ly dam­aged
nor a can­cer sur­vivor
there are nat­ur­al born prodi­gies out there

born with bor­ing, hard lives and strug­gled in dis­hon­ors Engr­ish
who, for them Folger’s ins­ta cof­fee was Star­bucks
and Aldi’s was their Whole­foods
we musn’t judge the real­i­ties of genius­es

I give you gems of gen­eros­i­ty and uplift
like I do my left­over Puer­to Rican steak sand­wich to
the Navy vet­er­an ask­ing for spare change at the
entrance to I-94

remem­ber, poet­ry is prayer and vice ver­sa
you’re oblig­at­ed my broth­ers and sis­ters to
pour your­selves in ink and stretch across those
pages of rice paper

all the while, with a secret smile
and a rit­u­al you call your own
the beau­ti­ful tapes­tries of your thought life