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Every new beginning

Every new begin­ning comes from some oth­er begin­nings end, yeah ! ‑Semi­son­ic, Clos­ing Time

That was the last karaōke song sang pri­or to my escape from Chica­go, which I got a 95100 score on. Yes, I’ve the beau­ti­ful singing voice of an angel. And Chica­go being my last begin­ning’s end, North Car­oli­na was the new one. My fam relo­cat­ed here in 2013, and dropped hints to pack up and flee the broke, cor­rupt, vio­lent and evil city. My dad, who is Kore­an Amer­i­can was a man of few words and sim­ply told me Get out of there there’s noth­ing for you there’ lol. Don’t hold back now. Read More