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The year is steadily winding closer toward the finish line. I recently migrated to the piedmont of NC. On Aug 31st, 2019 at 6:30 am, I left the windy city once and for all. The city was still asleep, and it felt weird seeing downtown in my rearview mirror, the telltale Willis Tower's trademark antennae array, the John Hancock building, the Illinois state-building. I'd dreamed of this very moment, it was happening and I was living it. My 2017 Honda Civic was filled to capacity with my luggage, and Sabi (the prince of dogs) was chilling in the back seat. Would have left even earlier, but my upstairs neighbor a single black mom named Paris needed my help lifting my bed up to her unit. I bequeathed her my space-age mattress, how kind of me.

Comes from some other beginning's end...yeah....

"Keep a journal and a journal will keep you" -Anais Nin
Welcome to this place, such as it is. I only just moved in, I'm new to the neighborhood. My boxes and furniture only just arrived, and I'm contemplating the interior decor. Most of my furniture is a hodge podge of World Market, Ikea, Nadeau, and Mayfair. Throw in some Craigslist and furniture I repaired I found in dumpsters around my neighborhood, which I like to refer to as The Shire. Yes, I live in the Shire of Chapel Hill, NC. I'm the new kid on the block here, a former urbanite now living the dream in an entirely new environment. Why here? My fam migrated here in 2013. We were all native Chicagoans. After awhile, I lost my ties with the windy city. Yet I found it a bit of a pickle to find a place that was really me to relocate to. Definitely not west, and I came dangerously close to moving to Texas or Portland at some point (thankfully, that didn't happen). This is my own personal habitation on the web. It's pretty much me being me, and I don't need your approval, your likes/loves and adoration. If you follow me, then do so only because you want to. I won't entice you as I get more out of this than you of course, naturally. I'm not a celebrity, nor a narcissist. I couldn't care less whether you were here or not here.


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This is simply my bright white mindspace online, written in a way that's easily digestible. Let's face it people have short attention spans these days, I get it.

my bright white mindspace, niche-blog, sketch-journal on the interwebs.

Thought life, writing life, actual life contained in a simple wordpress blog. I figured I'd simply share and see what may come of it, if anything at all. Not for likes, love, followers, or monetization, I really don't prostitute my art for profit sake. So no google nonsense or clickbait herein, less its to a deliberate thing for you to go somewhere I need you to go. Don't be surprised by my antics, please.

This is: 60% personal journal, which might be offensive (only if you're easily offended), 40% personal blog: personal quotes, listicles, writings, poetry, art, bookmarks, whatever I want to put up.


spike's originally a Chicago born native who recently became a perma resident of the piedmont state of North Carolina (entire state cheers at this, I swear). An enhanced human, 50% Korean + 50% caucasian, sufficiently smart nuff to be considered a threat and liability. He's a serious goof, when nobodies watching, and friends think he just turned 21 all over again. He attributes his youthful exterior to drinking the blood of young runaways *obnoxious belch*.

I describe myself thusly: a guy with the heart of a poet, the soul of an artist, the mind of an assassin, and the personality of a used car salesman. I'm a bit of a peculiar blend of Vince Vaughn, Captain Kirk, Bruce Lee, Bill Murray, and James Bond.

If you're at all curious you can always read my origin story, it's a real page-turner.