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My First Place

I’m free, I’m final­ly free…of Chica­go. It’s not like it took much con­vinc­ing on my part to leave the city behind. I’ve been plan­ning this for so long, I want­ed to his so des­per­ate­ly. You don’t even know how long I’ve tru­ly dreamed of this moment,  kiss­ing it good­bye and vow­ing nev­er to return. Some […]

Origin Story

There’s real­ly no rea­son for you to read this, much less know any­thing so inti­mate­ly detailed as this here post. Frankly I have to ques­tion your taste in blogs, actu­al­ly, but I’ll allow you your predilec­tion for my prose. I hail from the near north side of Chica­go, in a very bizarre neigh­bor­hood called Uptown […]