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Syn­thet­ic Life

I hear/​see peeps online get­ting bored’ as if there’s a lack of things to do. If you’re bored even on the inter­net, that’s a red flag you need to unplug. Sit­ting there rot­ting in front of the device isn’t going to enter­tain you or make you feel shit. Per­haps a chuck­le, maybe a few laughs, or maybe derid­ing peo­ple who have a dif­fer­ence of opin­ion that runs con­trary to your own. Guess what ? Go trav­el the world and expe­ri­ence how oth­er coun­tries tru­ly dif­fer with your Amer­i­can sen­si­bil­i­ties and 1st world issues. You might just pro­cure a mod­icum of respect for oth­ers dif­fer­ences.

bored online, isn’t that pre­cise­ly why we’re even online which is not to be bored ? Quite con­tra­dic­to­ry, that. You see when you have a depen­den­cy on a thing for any­thing, whether infor­ma­tion, knowl­edge, advice, hob­bies, any­thing then you’re expect­ing those things to pro­vide a ser­vice they can­not actu­al­ly pro­vide. They won’t pro­vide joy, peace, a dif­fer­ence of opin­ion, per­spec­tive, oth­er things. One must unplug from the Matrix to grow in real­i­ty, learn things offline. If you’re enstranged to real­i­ty and indif­fer­ent to your own soul, you’re noth­ing more than a face­less enti­ty in the ether. 

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