Strange Days

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This is a digital toxicologist report, and I’m the toxicologist. The source of toxicity in our known web ecosystem is anti-social media (anti-culture). It’s known, but invisible. It’s been talked about, promptly ignored. push notifications are on yet intentionally blocked. There are blogs, vlogs, articles, books, and even this Netflix show. Still nobody seems to actually care, get pissed, indignant, incredulous enough to formulate a worthy response. It’s like telling everybody in the Matrix that they’re in a VR simulation prison and they’re wondering what designer drugs you’re currently on.

The symptoms are everywhere: rampant narcissism, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other emo disorders potentially. This often gets mocked until shit gets real (and even then, not much). When it causes people to want to kill others for the slightest of infractions (insults, bullying, shit said on the internet, etc.). anybody with half a shred of decency and a brain cell or three knows damned well you address the source, not the symptoms. Also, these things will not magically self-correct themselves, they’ll simply worsen bit by bit, day by day. This does affect us, all of us, everybody who spends time existing online somewhere.

I know who the architect is, the big tech oligarchs like the august douchebag himself: Mark Zuckerb0rg. Who made you his product even to this day. And still likes to think of you as his dirty little slut. That’s b/c you are one if you’re on his platform, making him richer as he makes you stupider for being on it. It’s real stupid simple: garbage in, garbage out. A programmer’s catch phrase, but in this context Facebook deposits garbage into you and you, in kind spread that same trash, virally marketing their crap for them. Content that’s neither verified, vetted, or validated. Makes cartel drug dealers look legit.

I’m not here to judge you/others about facebook usage or FB itself. This is about the psychologically damaging side-effects of anti-soc media that’s been well documented thus far. Its effects on average persons and even above average, and what about future effects? There’s a commonly known array of symptoms: rampant narcissism, anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder, apathy, depression, and social media comparison. The list goes on and on. People become stupider from long-term exposure. They lack the skills, discipline, knowledge, and experience to filter, ignore, to mitigate. Indeed even their own behaviors, reactions, and responses are shaped by anti-social media. Somebody emotionally hurts them and they lash out, they become embittered, angry, upset, vengeful, and dark. We could blame cyborgs like Zuckerberg all you want but he’s actually not forcing you to be his personal witless slave (one whom he’s quoted calling a dumbf*ck before). At some point, we have to assign blame to ourselves for creating a psychological dependency on a platform full of strangers who neither know us (the real us) perhaps never will nor you them.

I stated the obvious here because it bears repeating, and I’m aware of the apathy/indifference. Who cares? Nobody can do anything, nobody wants to. The wherewithal doesn’t exist. Mainly b/c like cigarettes these models of digital enslavement touch the pleasure receptors of our own brains. Yet what I didn’t state here yet were other adverse effects. Like wrong/group think, political correctness, fear, intolerance, hatred, and negative backlash. All these things do is negates the individual. It promotes the wrongful misconception that the multitudes are always right, and the individual is totally wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. However wrong an individual’s perceptions, thoughts, attitudes, and opinions are/aren’t is subjective. A person might disagree with me, even offend me but that doesn’t necessarily make them more/less correct/incorrect than myself. Yet they have the right to be, and shouldn’t be condemned because of it. What do I care if a bunch of random, faceless idiots start attacking me b/c I disagreed with them, dissed their opinions openly, or posted something that shattered their entire argument? That’s what they don’t want you doing on your own. Individualism is detrimental towards all of these white boy nerd ranches. Not to mention a disdain for anything remotely intellectual, thought-provoking, inspiring, positive, and contradictory towards their anti-culture.

After a while the internet gets insanely dull and lifeless. Sure you can pay your bills, buy movie tickets, post a tweet, photos, send emails, argue with fools, post stupid things, and share ideas til you’re blue in the face. but now it’s become routine and lifeless. For instance, why is there still only Facebook and not 20 other competitors to blow it out of the water? With the controversial shit that dying platform has gone through, even a crap startup could of surfaced and put it out of its misery. It’s already 2022 and still nothing (outside of Truth Social but that’s more of a political thing true social). During the 1.0 era, people were more fun. There wasn’t any fear of putting yourself out there, populating the web with homepages and blogs. They didn’t get haters and stalkers, trolls, and orcs. Right now? You get eviscerated for posting anything anybody anywhere finds disagreeable. Which I personally could care less about. They’re reactive, reactionary, and scripted. It’s usually the ones who don’t know anything but feel like they’re super smart than the rest of us. Perhaps they graduated from the University of Pheonix, Online. These intellectual giants are typically the ones who want to get in a heated flame war with you over minutiae. Personally I often wonder to myself do these people have jobs? Do they have lives? Apparently not. Especially if they’re so intense about some minutiae. Rule of thumb: if you expend more than 1/2 a minute trying to decrypt their usual word salad gibberish, you’re wasting your life. sure I can go up to people and tell them some crazy shit and pretend that they’re the crazy ones who are lost lambs, broken and aimless in life. get them to doubt themselves, their perceptions of reality, and their worldview. Replacing it entirely with my own dogma. Precisely what they’re doing, and its working entirely too well. Entirely too often. It’s hard to deprogram that. More difficult trying to convince average people they’re in the wrong, how much more when you tell them they’re wronger than wrong. That they’re on the side of losers, degenerates, corrupt, criminalistic cultists? Like pulling teeth with cheap 20 year old pliers.

There won’t be any miraculous quick fixes, no overnight solutions. It will require personal sacrifice, unity, fearless faith, dauntless determination. It doesn’t need the same tools and weapons our enemies employ. For darkness doesn’t negate darkness. Ours must be weapons of light b/c light shines brightest when its darkest out there.
And that’s the truth right there.

Also I see way too many people thinking this is a lost cause, a hopeless defeat, an unending nightmare. That’s precisely what our enemies want it to be, for us. When they’re in your head/emotions they win. Get into theirs, there’s nothing in there but cobwebs and fake realities. Eventually when their lies and deceptions crumble away they are left with nothing to show for all of their ‘hard’ work (fruitless endeavors).

This isn’t about come comeuppance, retribution, proactive retaliation. hard for me to say it that they are the blind, ignorant, and corrupted who want to be selfish, indignant little bratty shits. We must not take them seriously or as a threat. These cultists are deceived and deceiving others, emotionally manipulative and politically volatile. They can’t see the damage dealt, the harms inflicted, the consequences of their crimes. It’s a God-level problem that needs God at the helm of things. We, individually can only hope, pray and remain steadfast in the faith that is ultimately ours. The religion of hate, fear, apathy, greed, corruption, deception and insanity will destroy itself in the long run.

Some recommended books for further research. Arm yourselves:

Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stupid by by Luke Fernandez, Susan J Matt. This is a thick book, filled with various testimonies and research which talks about internet culture, soc media side effects, real users with real stories. Prob not a real page-turner for some, but informative.

10 Reasons for Deleting Your Social Media Right Now by Jaron Lanier. This author was featured in the Netflix documentary I mentioned about anti-social media. He seems to know a lot of intimate things about it that go on a deeper level. Easy and good read.


















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