Sta­tus update

dear future self,

I know I know, I haven’t been updat­ing as I should and not for lack of desire, either. I just don’t have a lull in the chaos math of my own exis­tence.

When you cou­ple the added lay­ers of life’s man­i­fold nuances, heavy respon­si­bil­i­ties, and try­ing to make things hap­pen, it seems that well, it’s a lux­u­ry to sit down and pre­tend I’m doing the Doo­gie, as in Doo­gie Houser on my lap­top in some café, look­ing like I have absolute­ly noth­ing bet­ter to do than pre­tend all there is is me, in this café, writ­ing clever words into my per­son­al blog.

That doesn’t sound half bad, actu­al­ly. I can scarce­ly rec­ol­lect the last time I had a gath­er­ing of friends who met up just to talk life and shoot the breeze. Those days used to be so much fun, back in high­school or col­lege, in my café soci­ety“ my moms used to admon­ish me about.

Look­ing for inspi­ra­tion for some books I want to write. How I’m going to pull off an Oceans 11 like that is beyond me. Yet The Right to Write is very inspir­ing and uplift­ing, help­ing you find time, help­ing you remove wrong­ful neg­a­tive self-talk. Tru­ly a great addi­tion to your library.

Right now I’m work­ing on impreg­nat­ing my port­fo­lio with some fresh, sick work. I have a great deal of new­er, fresh­er, and classier pieces I want to include, and it seems I spend more time labo­ri­ous­ly adding that pop pol­ish to it.

The weath­er is def­i­nite­ly mess­ing with me. One day it’s the mid­dle of spring and fluc­tu­ates to Win­ter, strange. Seri­ous­ly bizarre. Like sea­son chang­ing spo­rad­i­cal­ly. I’m long­ing to leave here, won­der­ing if that’s ever a pos­si­bil­i­ty. How much longer must I suf­fer so ? How much longer do I need to dwell here in this city I intense­ly dis­dain ? I count the days. God will­ing, soon­er than lat­er.

I received a red light cam­era trap tick­et for $100 the oth­er day, out of the blue. The city basi­cal­ly says here, pay this now” not actu­al­ly giv­ing a damn whether it’s accu­rate. If you want an accu­rate end result of what democ­rats would do to a place when they have con­trol over it, look no fur­ther than Chica­go. Cor­rup­tion, vio­lence, and wan­ton unchecked stu­pid­i­ty galore. If it was a smart city, they would have mim­ic­ked Minnesota’s win and abol­ished it before it even kick­start­ed.

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