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status update for Jan 2023. What’s going on and stuff. These are weekly anecdotal ramblings in my journal really. I’ll prob have many others as well.
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captains log supplemental, stardate 1212023.

I don’t hardly do social media much if at all. and when I do I get agitated, bored, and really it feels like surfing Netflix. That is: actually looking for watchable things and spend more time doing so. only to find out there isn’t shit really. You know its bad when you start watching crazy Fillipino chick revenge movies trying to be the next John Wick. So these status updates will have to suffice as a sort of anecdotal recap of whats happening. Honestly I was going to name it ‘As the world turns’ haha. I always wanted to be an actor on that soap. Like the janitor or something who gets a speaking role.

it’s a brightly lit, beautiful Saturday here in NC where I presently reside.

in July 2021 I bought my first legit NC crib. when the scamdemic was driving all the city people away from the democrat ruined shitholes of NC, Cali and Chiraq. This town I’m in I didn’t even know existed, but my older sister insisted it was hot real estate. She’s quite OC about such matters and if she wasn’t in IT she’d be Joanne Gaines for reals.

Having dwelt in Chapel Hill for a little over a year I found it dull and lackluster. Just your average libturd infested college town. With its quintessential green/blue haired modern day hippies, college students amidst others various archetypes.

This town I’m in was idyllic, serene, tranquil. Had a legit NC feel to the place and had actual North Carolinian’s still living here. They were a peculiar but refreshing people. Elusive and distant to outsiders like myself. They’re humble and modest, unpretentious, straight shooters. Also the worst drivers I’ve ever had to contend with. They seem like they need a pilot’s license to operate their vehicles. Safe to say I’m probably an alien to them and vice versa. They aren’t as friendly or nice as they usually pretend and have a propensity for gossip. Their work ethic is sluggishly slow. some are professional and others act like they’re doing you a favor by being employed. You see it at Home Depot or Lowes, all the staff members are busy helping others. That or engrossed in personal conversations about their love life or Netflix.

The trade off is that at least these people were so normal that it would freak most people out. For instance it was perfectly normal to see a mother handling 4-5 boys and they were well behaved. Once I saw a young boy filling up his moms gas tank. You don’t see that in the big city. And I was also flabbergasted when younglings actually said hi and spoke to you in a friendly manner. That’s new! That’s different. Loving it. Secret smiles. I couldn’t really abide the youth back in Chicago. They were spoiled little entitled shits who deserved a well earned ass whipping.

There was a sense of normalcy to this place that defied logic and reality. It’s not even normal, really. How the culture was so impervious to the ravages of the outside world. I like to think there are other such places I’m unfamiliar with. Right now I’m just an outsider really looking in. I felt like a stranger in a stranger land here. They regulated me as a stray dog really, an oddity and someone from somewhere they couldn’t care less about. Well maybe because Michael Jordan was from there they’d cut me some slack (and coincidentally from here as well). In addition to the people, the abundance of nature and excellent weather was conducive to a beautiful mental and emotional state. I was 3 hrs from the coast and the blue ridge mountains. Never-mind that there was an overabundance of hiking trails everywhere. I really was living in this Nickolas Spark’s novel now and it suited me. I was starting to get drunk on all of the poetry I was seeing. Of long hot days, of nature and the great outdoors, and learning to be a boyscout all over again. I wasn’t the urbanite recluse anymore who existed indoors exclusively. Who busied himself being busy and was only interesting based on shallow things. Like how much 401K I had, books read or movies watched.



an expression of the inexpressible.

thought lives matter (and: writing lives for that matter). both are entwined in a double helix of waxing nostalgic + introspective funkiness (whatever that means, just thought it sounded cool). this isn't: for likes, followers, google nonsense chump change, being an 'influencer' (or: professional panhandler).

this is a soliloquy of my deep dish drama. Hey I'm originally a Chicagoan I get to make pizza references.

to break it down for y'alls (I'm now a North Carolinian so I get to use y'all):

45% personal niche-blog: you've been on one perhaps. that's to say chock filled with pretentious quotes, reviews, wayward thoughts, opinions, youtube videos, listicles, etc.

50% sketch-journal: personal notes, thoughts, journal entries, photos, sketches, the like. this is what it's all about really. if you're at all offended, butt hurt and emotionally wounded you can email me. I could use a good laugh!

15% eratta: writings, my not so still life in photos, etc.


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