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Spring Notes

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wher­ev­er I look now, something’s amiss…not right with the world. Mor­pheus come in, can you read me ? Trin­i­ty ?


Peo­ple look beat­en up, worn, tired, lack­ing in any suc­cor or joy. Yet these are all peo­ple of the great­est coun­try on earth”. They are over­flow­ing with milk and hon­ey, with ama­zon prod­ucts, and crap they nei­ther want nor need, sim­ply hoard. Place­bo that is mate­ri­al­ism is start­ing to wane. I think deep inside, peo­ple knew that the reli­gious cult of online sim­u­lat­ed life was crip­pling and neg­a­tive. This is pre­cise­ly why so many of us are drunk with nos­tal­gia, yet nos­tal­gia is an illu­so­ry sen­sa­tion of supe­ri­or­i­ty. If you man­aged to time trav­el to say the 80’s, you’d have absolute­ly noth­ing in com­mon with any­one. Main­ly because they would think of you as a social piri­ah (and, they wouldn’t be wrong in this assess­ment). Heck some­one in the 70’s would prob­a­bly think you were from John Connor’s future. Yet just as many retro nerds think that its cool to live in dif­fer­ent eras and dredge up the past, in a way those eras had bet­ter peo­ple than today, social­ly more sophis­ti­cat­ed and charm­ing. Dif­fer­ent times, dif­fer­ent set of cir­cum­stances.

The very real rea­son that Marie Kon­do became such an epic phe­nom state­side is because this coun­try required some­one who was legit, non white to tell us what to do, how to pre­cise­ly do it, and main­tain it. She could have been Go Go Yubari and it wouldn’t have made any dif­fer­ence in the minds and hearts of peo­ple. This coun­try is so lack­ing in heroes it makes heroes out of any­one who seems pure, gen­uine, legit. Cutesy Jap chick to orga­nize and straight­en their life ? Check. In a pos­i­tive, not mean spir­it­ed man­ner ? Sold. We have an over abun­dance of mean spir­it­ed neg­a­tiv­i­ty online 247 why would any­one opt to have it in their homes ?

I think what would make tidy­ing up with Marie Kon­do even more spe­cial and fun would be to get an angry black woman who also hap­pens to be a ther­a­pist to lay into them after Marie gets through. She also col­lects tips and talks smack for no rea­son, hahah. I’m just play­ing, would be pret­ty hilar­i­ous though.

some­times I think to myself that some­how, Amer­i­ca used the inter­net to make itself more stu­pid than smart, more depressed than hap­py. Peo­ple every­where fight­ing for dom­i­nance in a lifestyle real­i­ty show called Insta­gram, where the win­ner who con­vinces peo­ple their arti­fi­cial, unsus­tain­able lifestyle is nor­mal and didn’t require too much work”. Every­one cov­ets these weavers of illu­sions.

With­in oth­er estab­lished areas across the ether, peo­ple either waste colos­sal time with anti-social media or play it to win it, as if you actu­al­ly won stuff lol, you don’t. Nobody does, and if they do it’s for a briefest time until dethroned like on Game of Thrones.

The illu­so­ry decep­tion, en’masse is this : peo­ple bella­bor and data mine the web’s boards, blogs, what have you in a sense of uni­ver­sal­ism cool”, rein­vent­ing pecu­liar­i­ties and back­wards wierd­ness to stand out” from the herd. Imag­ine that, the herd try­ing not to be in it while being in it, lol…thinking they’re so not in it while ful­ly immersed in their cult of choice.

It is good to think back of the yester years of pre inter­net, when life was san­er, safer, and far sweet­er than today. When mass shoot­ings weren’t real but the news was. We have allot to learn of those days of sta­bil­i­ty and suc­cess, when we didn’t have cra­zies who were try­ing to ruin life and soci­ety to push their agen­das of intol­er­ance and hatred dis­guised as tol­er­ance and accep­tance. The cult of per­son­al­i­ty didn’t run things like a cheap mafia.

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Spike's a poet from Chicago with a very particular set of skills, and has become a vigilante who takes out purse snatchers and punks that menace society. He's also been heavily involved in the ongoing battle against ninjas and corruption. One day he discovered he had extraordinary gifts that differentiated him from normal folk and the government has been after him ever since (not really, feels good to be wanted though). Coffee snob and weapons specialist, foodie, karaoke master, and drawer of people, places, and solver of cold cases. Read More

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