Spike the poet, author extraordinaire


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This is simply my bright white mindspace online, written in a way that's easily digestible. Let's face it people have short attention spans these days, I get it.


because thought lives matter (and so do writing lives for that matter).

Welcome to my humble dojang on the web (Korean word for 'dojo').

This is for all intents & purposes:

45% personal journal: you've seen them before, and perhaps you find such things amusing, boring or somewhere between. These are anecdotal snippets of my thought life, somewhere I can come to curate these thingies within my own sexy soul. This is me at my best, my worst, and my

30% personal blog: similar to a journal, but less personal. Sharing is caring! A bit of this and that, interesting bits I've discovered. This is

25% errata: words + pictures.

Author: Spike

Self Portrait

I'm a guy you might just scarcely notice, on the street or in some wayward indy cafe. Or I might just be invisible, the kind of invisible that's tragically beautiful. However I'm to be interpreted/misinterpreted doesn't matter, people do it all the time.

I've been accused of being rather sexy, and sometimes cute. That's because I'm an ex Walgreens website model. I suppose I have that Walgreens look nailed. It's always important to be semi-attractive when you're an international super spy, enhanced human, and then there's me being a humble poet from sweet and sour home Chicago too. Most poets tend to be ugly that's why some of us intentionally wear masks, or menstruate on Instagram 'just because'. My mortal enemies are millenial snowflake instapoets btw in case I was being in danger of being way too subtle.


Down to earth, minimalistic, creative, intellectual, funky, funny, weird in a unique way, observant and goofy for a serious kinda bloke. A propensity for investigations, mysteries, survivalist hacks, and petty larceny against criminals. Even though I'm extremely agile I tend to be randomly clumsy at times (especially when hilarity ensues as a result of it). Like all Kdrama male leads, I can be quite theatrical and dramatic for no apparent reason just for kicks.