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Every creative requires an outlet, their little niche sacred place where they can freely express the inexpressible within each and every one of us.

I don't do anti-social media, much. I'm not in the business of trying to compete with that rat race, and somehow I suspect I never shall. I deleted facebook long ago before it became a trendy campaign. Actually I'd always harkened to adbusters for hating on FB and pretty much all of social media.

This little corner of the web is my bright white mindspace and I tend to write a great deal about this or that, sometimes it coaelesces into something beautiful and relevant, or fades into that place where projects go to wither and die. Yet for me this is for me, utterly so, and it's also for any, because I freely give of myself and my writings such as they are are inlaid with life through the lenses of the looking glass.

Self reflection, introspection, observations that are the tools of conveyance for my innermost thought life + writing life.

Some write in the hope of being interesting or getting this or that reader/follower/like/love, but this isn't that. The same people are just as liable to turn against you in so much as they are prone to love you with a fake, cold, and lifeless kinda love. I'm simply a guy with things to share and say, discover, and delight in this thing we call life. Please enjoy.

image of spike, the author
Name: spike
10% introvert
50th level poet
renaissance man
20th level designer
55% technologist

strengths: agile, fast. Resourceful, and well read/traveled.
Knows jeet kune do, black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Also skilled in Muy Thai boxing, Hapkido, Eagle Claw, Praying Mantis Kung Fu, and Aikido.
weaknesses: coffee, tacos, all forms
of crazy and whacky, retro nostalgia
known hobbies: jeet kune do, painting, art, poetry, writing,
journaling, video, photography, karaoke, traveling, running, working out, karaoke, walking my dog, cooking.
dislikes: rude drivers, online trolls, xfinity customer service, corrupt politicians, politics in general, Chicago, winter, snow, when people paraphrase everything into a question



Down to earth, friendly, cheerful, passionate, I'm pretty much a goofball with certain people but I can oddly be a very serious person (which, coincidently makes me laugh all the more inwardly). Though a nice guy overall I'm also terse and alert, streetsmart and not the type to concede others too readily nor downplay their input. I am a natural leader but don't always want to be. I have a dazzling ability to convince others I'm legit and know what I'm talking about when I'm illigit and don't know what I'm actually talking about, so naturally I'm quite the prankster.

Origin Story

Born in Chicago, grew up in uptown. Dwelt in a very large 5 bedroom craftsman style home which has allot of significance and history for my family. As I got older I discovered I had a propensity for the written word, drawing, painting, art, writing, and martial arts. I was also extremely well read due to long Chicago winter seasons, and something of a computer genius but I try to mask that fact because too many people want me to either make them a free website or fix their various issues, like I was a member of the g33k squad or something.

Later on, graduate from school of the Art Institute where I studied visual design communication and also human interface systems. Anotherwords a creative nerd. These days I simply work lots on mac computers and in photoshop, illustrator, writing code and making things animate or 'pop' (I detest this word greatly, fyi).

Truthfully I disdain almost everything about our current era, from politics and perspectives to pop culture sources and lingo, habits, behavioral patterns, knowledge and conventional wisdom. We're in a ADD me me me world now. Everybody knows everything, nobody does any wrong, ignorance is the new excellence. People feel smarter than they actually are because of their smartphone.

More on moi...

I'm Just a chillaxed city cat from the Chi (Chicago), also very much a poet and writer. Genetically half Korean + Italian, hence my exceptionally advanced food profile. Unlike the vast majority of many wannabe 'foodies' I grew up in a diverse kitchen to say the least. My mother, who is Italian taught me a great deal about authentic cookery (and gardening, still a brown thumb).

I earn my bread and butter designing user interfaces, websites, apps, and animation. I work on macs and coffee, draw lots, and also derive inspiration for better ideas based on disasteful ones that get wrongfully misconstrued as being tasteful or artistic.

There's this idea of me, like an RPG character with x amount of hitpoints, armor class, strength, stamina, intellect, wisdom, agility, and experience level. However none of which really conveys the essence of moi. Well, I can give you the gist of that, I'm a renaissance man by nature, a creative intellectual with things to say and write about. I'm someone who is generous and emotionally intelligent as well. I learn more through people and experience than books and crazy theories. So it's pretty much an open ended, subject to misinterpretation excercise in futility really.

Yet here I am, doing this. I am an introspective type, deep thinker, someone that is investigative, curious, awake. This isn't to suggest that I'm down with whats trending or know x, y, z about x, y, z. I'm not competitive or a perfectionist (except, perhaps in martial arts) I am only ambitious toward betterment of myself as a hummie, an evolved gentleman of character and class and a touch of panache. I am after all son of the James Bond of All Asians.

Thanks for checking out my not so secret blog-journal thang. I pray you enjoy your visit through my life!