Something Inexpressible

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Something Inexpressible

A con­nect­ing principle
Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Some­thing inexpressible
Sci­ence insusceptible
Log­ic so inflexible
Causal­ly connectible
Yet noth­ing is invincible

-Syn­chronic­i­ty The Police

You’re here, obvi­ous­ly read­ing this, won­der­ing what this even is (or isn’t).

Sim­ply it is this:

25% per­son­al blog: pic­tures, quotes, lis­ti­cles, etc.
45% per­son­al jour­nal: my life, thin­gies that are going on, thoughts, etc.
20% writ­ings: my writ­ing life

I do real­ize peo­ple don’t actu­al­ly read shit online much, myself includ­ed. So I’ll try to write suc­cinct­ly as I can, as often. Short atten­tion span the­ater of the mind requires this of me. Yet I’m not here writ­ing for mul­ti­tudes of strangers, this is for me. Not out of my need or want, but for help­ing oth­ers as well as myself. Blame it on this quote that I like:

“It is pre­sump­tious to assume we can do any­thing to help anoth­er per­son and it’s vul­gar not to try” ‑Edward Dahlberg.

So who am I and why should you read me?

I go by spike online. Yes, I don’t use my real name, go fig­ure. I always thought Mark Zucker­berg exact­ly the kind of strange idiot we ostra­cized in the 80’s for being a nerdy lit­tle dia­per stain, thus I don’t sub­scribe to his dis­turb­ing insis­tence we all use real names. Bet all the scam artists of the inter­net love his ass.

I’m sim­ply a poet and a chillaxed city cat from the windy city, now recent­ly relo­cat­ed to Chapel Hill, NC, or ‘Vir­gin Riv­er’ (watch it on Net­flix). I’m part Kore­an and white, 6’0 ft, quite an ado­nis and real prince of men, heh heh. I was for­mer­ly a Wal­greens web­site mod­el, a prod­uct design­er for As Seen On Tv and a sketch artist, a pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor and a per­son­al body­guard, believe it or not. Yet now? Just your aver­age writer, poet, artist and some­thing of a retro technologist.

I don’t think it’s ter­ri­bly impor­tant a thing for you to know me, to admire or even like me, heck if you’ve made it this far you’re either insane­ly bored (quara­tine fatigue) or curi­ous, or a mix­ture of the two.


I’m pos­sessed of a good sense of humor and a slight­ly wry soul wit, with keen reflex­es and very obser­va­tion­al per­cep­tions (comes from exten­sive mar­tial arts all through­out life). I have fire in me, in my heart of hearts and my cute soul. Com­fort­able being ridicu­lous or ridicu­lous­ly pro­found. I can give you great advice and crank call you with some­one else’s phone. I might take your pho­to and turn it into a want­ed poster in some dark alley, as an art installation.

I must admit I’m a mas­ter of dis­guise and a bit of a secret agent too, a con­tor­tion­ist, ven­tril­o­quist and my spe­cial skill is sleight of hand. In an alter­nate uni­verse a super spy and a writer of cheesy Wal­greens romance novels.

So I’m here again doing this song and doing this dance, won’t you join me for the journey?

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This is simply my bright white mindspace online, written in a way that's easily digestible. Let's face it people have short attention spans these days, I get it.


you've been on a personal blog before I'm sure, nothing new there.

This one is a personal journal of reflection, musings, thoughts, memories, me waxing nostalgia and loving it. Guilt-free, shameless, perhaps a bit peculiar and overly wordy. Can't help that I'm a writer, I'm a wordy being by default.

Why would you/should you deign to expend any sort of quality time reading me? That's a question better left unanswered. I honestly couldn't give you any sort of mansplation. Maybe you're bored, or want to join my secret club, or subscribe to my info types. This is far more edifying for my own betterment than it is for your self-amusement, really.

as I'd already started, or tried to communicate to you this is a personal journal, with feelings & emotions sometimes (lol). Or me talking about the fun stupid shit you could hardly care about. One can only be so deep before the expiration date expires.

Whatever the reason I'm sure you'll discover it, eventually, and I hope that I've succeeded in earning your interest.

Author: Spike

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The author, spike is a half-Korean/white city boy from the north side of Chicago.

For all intents and purposes, you can refer to me as spike (online at least). Unlike Zuckerberg who thought it was a good idea, we all utilize real names in an ever-increasingly dangerous web, on an overpopulated platform that's slated to becoming the next new Myspace I disagree with such sentiments.

I'm originally from Chicago and moved to the sunny piedmont state of North Carolina in September of 2019, well before the year Covid-19 swept across the world. I'm a creative being, multi-talented and just a chillaxed city cat who isn't easily bothered by things, by life online or off. I neither think too highly of myself nor diminish myself much either. Some would say I'm a trip, others might say I'm mysterious and some obnoxious, and unintentionally hilarious/amusing/entertaining.

Whatever the case might be, I'm simply here expressing myself because I can, felt inclined to and well, when you're an exceptional professional you just don't stop.