Craigslist job ad
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precious gems #1

Every now and again you come across ads that peo­ple post that make you feel so strange­ly nor­mal. This is a shout out to such thin­gies, which always brings an effort­less enter­tain­ment value.

Craigslist job ad

Craigslist job ad

Some­times Craigslist ads just crack me up, like this pre­cious gem. They’re hir­ing peo­ple to play hurt lock­er with them­selves for $18-$25 bucks/per hour. Uh, I think I can make more as a Mc’­Don­ald’s man­ag­er w/o the pos­si­bil­i­ty of becom­ing a para­plegic. I know times are dif­fi­cult but seri­ous­ly, you’re not expendable.

What they should of writ­ten was: do you enjoy games of Russ­ian roulette? For $18-$25 an hour you can play it not on your own, but with a spe­cial­ly trained Ger­man shep­ard as your co-work­er. Now both of you could be blown to smithereens, we’re pret­ty sure your life insur­ance agent is going to have a fun one with that lol!

You might as well be one of those sew­er spe­lunk­ers in a haz­mat suit than doing this crazy shit.

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