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Outbreak Blues

As every­body around the entire plan­et pret­ty much knows right now, the world is in  full lock­down mode, and strug­gling with it.

Peo­ple were going a bit stir crazy as can be expect­ed even after the first month. Before the onset of COVID-19 peeps were already social dis­tanc­ing online. They were already estranged reclus­es who could hard­ly tear them­selves away from their tablets and smart devices. Now told that they sud­den­ly can’t come out to play and engage with human beings that they were so read­i­ly ignor­ing befo­lare. Some peo­ple are giv­en a new license in life, oth­ers do noth­ing but com­plain, or politi­cize the virus like the do noth­ing far left democ­rats do so reg­u­lar­ly. These far left­ies I found incred­i­bly dan­ger­ous and detri­men­tal to cul­ture, to our way of life. They want­ed to ter­raform Amer­i­ca into this oppres­sive, social­ist dyso­topia. Any­body who resist­ed and gave an ounce of pre­ven­tion was black­list­ed as a ene­my of the state. Uni­ver­si­ties, news media, and the democ­rats all push­ing their deep state allies toward this sin­gu­lar dark, dis­tub­ing agen­da to destroy Amer­i­ca and any­body who got in their way. What­ev­er, I don’t typ­i­cal­ly involve myself with pol­i­tics, I just know wrong when I know it, and these guys are clear­ly those guys.

If you want an exam­ple of what hap­pens to a place when the demo­c­ra­t­ic mafia takes over, take Chica­go: cor­rup­tion, high tax­es, extreme vio­lence, racist cops. The do noth­ing democ­rats see a city or any kind of town they assume pow­er in as a par­a­site regards a par­a­sitic host: a end­less resevoir of resources, until they bleed the host dry of all its worth they go on to search for oth­er sources of nour­ish­ment. Slip­ping out the anus and into green­er pastuers…the life cycle of a tape worm, real­ly.

So the virus suc­ceed­ed in splin­ter­ing the soul of the nation, peo­ple fren­zied and hoard­ed, mis­in­formed by fake news media who wrong­ly down­played the lethal­i­ty of the virus, only to put every­one in a sure­fire pan­ic mode which got every­one buy­ing all kinds of shit they did­n’t actu­al­ly need.

This is like some kind of movie brought to real life, it could be, it could be many movies actu­al­ly. As is human nature every­one and their moth­er is try­ing to cap­i­tal­ize on the virus.

Part of me wakes up in dis­be­lief that this was real­ly hap­pen­ing, this was in full effect, soci­ety as we know it halted…life as we knew it dis­com­bob­u­lat­ed, dis­rupt­ed, shat­tered. Incon­ve­nienced? That’s an under­state­ment. Loss of jobs, loss of fam­i­ly, loss of life. The idi­ot­ic Chi­nese com­mu­nist par­ty are to blame. Thing is can we actu­al­ly suc­cess­ful­ly divorce them? Amer­i­can’s seem more intent on remain­ing slaves of Chi­nese cheap ill begot­ten goods. To me they were thieves and liars (the CCP, not the Chi­nese peo­ple). Amer­i­can’s need­ed to grow a spine and some stones and acknowl­edge, declare and real­ize that Chi­na is an ene­my, not an ally. We’ve giv­en them far too much access into our world and they, like the very par­a­sites I described to you who caused a mass exo­dus out of Chica­go need to be con­front­ed, thwart­ed, and ulti­mate­ly defeat­ed.


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