Outbreak Blues

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This is simply my bright white mindspace online, written in a way that's easily digestible. Let's face it people have short attention spans these days, I get it.

聽#Thought lives matter (so do writing lives for that matter). Both are entwined in a double helix of waxing nostalgia & deep introspection. It's not designed to procure your likes, ratings, love, or props and a full bodied readership. I don't monetize (nor care to) as I don't write in order to prostitute my art. It's simply put a aspect of who it is I am. Thus it benefits myself and me, and I do hope you as well.

My sketch journal of randomness, musings, thoughts, cathartic orgasms and anything that resonates.

Essentially put:

60% personal journal: consists of reflection, musings, lists, unfinished poetry, anything and everything you can well imagine being in a person's journal. Not so much dramatic and 'fake lifestyle' shaming. I couldn't care less about that kind of crap you see everywhere on IG.

20% personal blog: quotes, links, videos, you know all the filler stuff you see in most blogs nowadays.

20% eratta: usually writings by moi, poetry + short stories.

the autor (selfie)
This is spike

spike is a poet, also a writer/artist/designer and computer g33k when nobodies watching. By day a digital interactive art director, getting to draw much and play around on my iMac & Wacom tablet for hours while saying some pretty impressive stuff during those meetings.

I've been writing since I was a young pup, and being a voracious reader (which most Chicagoans have a knack for being) words and pictures quickly became my thing. Both of them were lovers frolicking in my brain, a married couple who got along so great they completed each others sentences.

I can say so many things concerning me, but this is what I usually have to say on the matter: I've the heart of a warrior-poet, the soul of an artist, the mind of an assassin, and the personality of a used car salesman. I tend to behave much like a cross between Vince Vaughn, Captain Kirk, the Vampire Lestat and Bruce Lee. It's okay if you aren't familiar with these people.

Read more on my origin story here.