here’s a little intro for all you nymphos –Rico Suave

you see before you a strikingly handsome enhanced individual. 1.5 Korean + half vampire (aka: Italian), but self identifies as being full blown Mexican. Some label me as being ‘hapa‘ (I don’t, I hate that word). despite looking unusually hot, cute, sexy, humble, smart, funny, charming, radiant, and intellectual I has more hitpoints than the end boss,am a real life ninja (studied ninjitsu in Okinawa) and gets mistook for being a well dressed assassin (or: a Fillipino man). Friends used to tell me I dressed like Neo before The Matrix was ever out in theater (back when, I don’t dress like that anymore).

originating from Chicago, wherein I grew up in Sheridan Park (aka uptown) just 1.5 mile north of Wrigley Field (da Cubs!). I am intimately familiar with much of the north side, and wisely avoid the south side Chiraq hood (unless I’m in a Mark III Ironman outfit). Life in the windy city is not too dissimilar from NYC. it’s like living in a big ass mega mall. You bleed $$ existing in a place dominated by constructs. riddled with money spending opportunities, and entirely devoid of legit nature, friendly faces, or semblances of normalcy. It’s an epic keeping up with the Joneses reality show of a rat race. I’ve dwelt here and there, done this and that. Traveled extensively outside of this Democrat ruined shithole, and returned seachanged. Attended SAIC (school of the Art Institute of Chicago) where I obtained a BA in Visual Design, and later fled to the Nickolas Spark’s novel setting of North Carolina.

personality? why yes I happen to have one.

I’m a extroverted introvert, and perhaps an introverted extrovert. Not really shy at all, just reserved. I can be a talker if the mood suits me, yes one loquacious individual indeed (one of the reasons I’m a martial artist). I’m creative, 35{8ce3b07ad37f1ec33bd73334697c2ff7bd2642aaee65347459615469244631e6} nerdy, inquisitive, intellectual, a tech priest and an urban survivalist. I’ve been known as a cocky, crazy fun loving individual (complete with a very particular set of skills). By day I’m a digital interactive art director. I essentially work on apple computers and boss millennial snowflake ❄ slaves (err interns) around all day, sometimes making them cry and beg for more abuse.. By night a prominent street hustler and underground cyber journalist.

grew up and dwelt in this big ass house in uptown, Chicago.
have a tight knit nuclear familia. I’m the youngest + only boy, have 2 older sisters.
throughout highschool, I basically lived in this nightclub (most city kids did).
I was a DJ in highschool and worked at Tower Records (also: Coconuts and Peaches before that).
pretty decent at billiards having trained at a spot called Ten Cat, where all the hustlers lived. They schooled me and deprived me of cash tips, but that was my tuition. I don’t play much hardly ever anymore (no desire to either).
most throughout undergrad I lived in a cafe called 3rd Coast, which was an extension of my living room. My version of Cheers meets Perfect

art (sketching, watercolor, painting, mixed media, sculpting), writing, poetry, working out, jeet kune do, walking my dog, cooking, travel, movies, books, poker, scrabble.


an expression of the inexpressible.

thought lives matter (and: writing lives for that matter). both are entwined in a double helix of waxing nostalgic + introspective funkiness (whatever that means, just thought it sounded cool). this isn't: for likes, followers, google nonsense chump change, being an 'influencer' (or: professional panhandler).

this is a soliloquy of my deep dish drama. Hey I'm originally a Chicagoan I get to make pizza references.

to break it down for y'alls (I'm now a North Carolinian so I get to use y'all):

45% personal niche-blog: you've been on one perhaps. that's to say chock filled with pretentious quotes, reviews, wayward thoughts, opinions, youtube videos, listicles, etc.

50% sketch-journal: personal notes, thoughts, journal entries, photos, sketches, the like. this is what it's all about really. if you're at all offended, butt hurt and emotionally wounded you can email me. I could use a good laugh!

15% eratta: writings, my not so still life in photos, etc.


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I know I know, caring is creepy but so is not caring? I guess! Whatever my little trick worked you're not on the VIP list. Achievement unlocked! Who's the big winner?! You are! Super duper. Anyways, thanks for filling it out. Even if you might be spam I just sent a nasty virus to your spam list! HAH HAH!!!! *sinister sleazy laughter ensues*