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rant about our digital ecosystems and its psychological side effects.
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the digital ecosystems of our 2nd life existence have been fully exposed for what they are. And: what they aren’t. Deep within we knew these things, shit’s pretty obvious to any commoner. people are allot like the guy who wanted to be reinserted into the Matrix by Agent Smith (Cypher). There are individuals, some actually quite smart and overly edjumacated about this hot topic. This annoying truth: that long term exposure to anti-social media is psychologically negative (duh).

this is neither new nor shocking, and not very revelatory either. please watch this Netflix documentary. It’s got an entire batch of ex social media strategists, marketers, designers, engineers, whistleblowers. They fiercely (with fear and revulsion) tell you they don’t permit their own children to interact with these platforms. They know the inherent dangers, the long term effects and other side effects. The hysterical hypocrisy is that many of us latch onto such spaces in order to pontificate about how intelligent, superior, attractive we all are. how much better off we are than others. constant comparative analysis. Go read some twitter files while you’re at it.

and now with the damning revelations revealed to us in the release of Twitter Files it’s confirmed what’s already been known. That the psyop of twittersphere and other similar platforms are hotbeds of mass deceptions, censorship, fake news and other similar shit. Ordinarily in the past when something got revealed to be generally bad for you, you ceased using it. nowadays, social media makes each of us more lonely than we ought to feel. it exudes the potentiality for curing us of it, but only deepens such things within us. Now the reality is that these places are overpopulated with trolls and narcissists. Attention starved famewhores trying to get the attention of attention starved beings like themselves. Who are also trying to get attention from others trying to get attention.

the truth is there’s a monopoly on these hubs of fakery. what needed to happen, what must happen in reality for things to evolve and get better: facebook and twitter must be destroyed. the only way to permanently obliterate them? competition. If you think about it’s quite jarring that there aren’t 15-20 facebook competitors or twitter clones. people would jump ship and bail overnight. FB + TWT would irrelevant. we need to negate and avoid any soy boy snowflake driven CA based platforms. When these virtual spaces become infected by political ideologies that’s it, game over. A 24/7 Jerry Springer episode of a ‘social’ site is anything but.

Before Facebook became the obese monstrosity that it is, it was a college hookup site for horny college students. During this time was cyworld, a South Korean popular af social media site. Much more fun and interesting. They didn’t dictate to us what to do/think/say, or get us to like shit and have followers and live for those things. Mark Zuckerberg is a douchebag cyborg nobody likes. Also a liar and a traitor who deliberately meddled in elections. If things weren’t the way they were he’d be somebodies wife in prison right now.

What we need to do culturally speaking is stop pretending we’re in a good spot, that we’re still #1 (we aint) and that we are the America of the 80’s or 90’s. The digital world is screwed up, our enemies are strengthening while we weaken and anarchy is on the rise. Communists (democrats) are trying to legalize pedophilia and criminal behavior while society is the enabler. We need to chemically castrate our corrupt communist propaganda pushing media. And we needed to do that shit a very long time ago go.

further reads:

Bored Lonely Angry Stupid

You’re not going to read this book. You might a few pages, or a chapter at best. It’s well thought out and written. the authors are subject matter experts describing the long term effects of social media exposure. it’s more of a reference that reiterates some of the points I already made.



an expression of the inexpressible.

thought lives matter (and: writing lives for that matter). both are entwined in a double helix of waxing nostalgic + introspective funkiness (whatever that means, just thought it sounded cool). this isn't: for likes, followers, google nonsense chump change, being an 'influencer' (or: professional panhandler).

this is a soliloquy of my deep dish drama. Hey I'm originally a Chicagoan I get to make pizza references.

to break it down for y'alls (I'm now a North Carolinian so I get to use y'all):

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