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A nice, cute, funny, sexy, crazy, skilled, intellectual gainfully employed enhanced human. Likes walks in the park & foreign films. He’s not vicious or malicious just’a lovely and delicious.

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It's starting out for me this way...comfort you and feel's coming from a heated place... -Rhye, Blood Knows
and here it is you find yourself, stumbler who stumbled on my seashore of silence. You're welcome here, even if here isn't a real place/space. I'm simply daring to write and put myself out there, just for the fun of it, the desperate need of it. Writer's don't need validity or a reason and raisin d'etre any more than an artist for a snapshot of today, because my today is tomorrow's past obviously and it's amazing how fast the landscape changes. Life was defined by a vital deficiency in discipline and reality right now. Apathy, decadence, self deception, delusion, emotional disorders, confusion and a cultist conformity. Besides all of the political and emotional idolatry that permeated culture, the fart stain of communistic ideologies was obvious. All of its adherents were the anti-romantic, politically correct and anti-American acolytes of a political cult. Nihilists who predicated their existence by obliterating others freedoms, possessions, and pursuit of happiness. They employed thought weapons of our enemies to subjugate and silence any/all who could destroy them with simple logic. Thus they loved censoring of books and silencing of voices who dared to defy them.

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35% niche blog
40% sketch-journal
25% random shit
10% love

the internet world always required entertainment and an elaborate 'deep' (lol) story about how a thing comes about. sorry to deprive you of that (not sorry). This was for myself, my own sanity check and creative escapism. that said you might not only disagree but quickly get offended by it all (even if it wasn't intentionally designed that way). I'm not here to live up to your expectations, and you're not here to live up to mine. It is my sweet everything, and my beautiful nothing.


someday, there will be....more.  I know it's a bit anemic here at the moment, I'm considering moving the furniture around and adding a bit more color down the line. If you read this, thanks for being here and taking time out to actually do any/a little bit of it.

The author

spike, a humble, modest, cute, sexy, intellectual and highly sophisticated city cat from Chicago. Now living the dream in the sunny state of North Carolina. I'm still trying to adjust and adapt. I've recently moved to a strange town I'm very unfamiliar with. I have many, many clothes and a very particular set of skills. Besides being a flashy, crazy and goofy artsy fartsy g33k of nature, I'm very much a visual poet (an artiste + designer have a love child).

What can I tell you? I'm a martial artist (jeet kune do), I write and draw, and am a voracious reader. While not working out or on some secret mission I cook, run my crazy dog sabi and write poetry or short stories amongst other things. I do enjoy adventure and stupid human tricks, or investigating secret mysteries. If you're in the mood you can read my origin story sometime (if you're that bored).

Origin story

spike, a self identified 'enhanced individual' is originally from the north side of The Chi (that is: Chicago, the Windy City). And no, he's not an international male model (thanks for thinking that). Being from a rather dangerous city, he had to learn to dodge bullets and the cities evil debt collectors early on and became an autodidact in Jeet Kune Do, a minimalist customizable martial art devised by Bruce Lee.  Also the former local hero known as the uptown avenger.