Last night’s dream

some crazy white ladies vampire Pomeranian tries to attack this strapping adonis. What it learns is never to mess with a ninja from Chicago! Hah hah

had a peculiar dream…

I’m walking through Holstein park, where I used to walk my dog on most days. It was night and a peculiar fog was everywhere. It looked like a Michael Jackson video.

Then a couple came out of nowhere, the woman was this fat goofy looking lady with too much makeup on. Her husband was tall, gaunt-faced, and thin. Obviously, a gamma male who tolerated his big mamma. The woman had a pomeranian that leaped from her meaty arms and came charging at me. When it drew closer I noticed that it had vampire fangs and glowering crimson eyes that glowered redder than the flowers of hell. I muttered, “come on you little shit!” with a ferral snarl of my own. Thinking hot damn if you don’t look like a bonified badass.

Suddenly I ripped out a katana from its sheath and executed a swift side stroke. My weapon was bathed in the creature’s blood. The woman was sobbing hysterically and her husband stared daggers at me. I slowly spun and twirled the blade when droplets of the vampire dog’s blood flicked onto the sobbing lady. I asked her sarcastically “you okay, mam?” then turned around and saw the vampire dog was sliced into ribbons, “you shouldn’t walk around here at night without a leash on” I stammered, then began laughing obnoxiously.

This infuriated the tall skinny man and he came at me and tried shooting me with a weird-looking handgun.I severed his hand at the wrist out of defensive reflex. His hand clutched an Imperial Stormtrooper’s E-11 Blaster Rifle. “Where’d you get this?” I asked him then said “nevermind I’m keeping it from now on what do you say?”

the big lady came at me with a pen knife, then sprayed some pepper spray towards my eyes. it stung, and I lost partial visual capabilities. I remember shouting “ahhhhhhhh my eyeeesssss!’ dramatically like a crazy person might (or a dramaking). Out of reflex I hurled my katana towards her hoping it would impale her but she did the Neo dodge. She might be an agent. So I dive-rolled and grabbed the stormtrooper pistol and blasted a hole clean through her. She flew back and caught on fire. I showed her! I said to myself proudly.



an expression of the inexpressible.

thought lives matter (and: writing lives for that matter). both are entwined in a double helix of waxing nostalgic + introspective funkiness (whatever that means, just thought it sounded cool). this isn't: for likes, followers, google nonsense chump change, being an 'influencer' (or: professional panhandler).

this is a soliloquy of my deep dish drama. Hey I'm originally a Chicagoan I get to make pizza references.

to break it down for y'alls (I'm now a North Carolinian so I get to use y'all):

45% personal niche-blog: you've been on one perhaps. that's to say chock filled with pretentious quotes, reviews, wayward thoughts, opinions, youtube videos, listicles, etc.

50% sketch-journal: personal notes, thoughts, journal entries, photos, sketches, the like. this is what it's all about really. if you're at all offended, butt hurt and emotionally wounded you can email me. I could use a good laugh!

15% eratta: writings, my not so still life in photos, etc.


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   888          888   |       /      Y88b       |    Y888       888           __88P'        "8"  


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