Last day of 2020

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Last day of 2020

I’m in Wilm­ing­ton, NC on this very last day of 2020. Approx­i­mate­ly 2 hrs south by east of Chapel Hill. It’s full of touristy hotspots, they have a very nice mall here too, plus 3 beaches.

Had me some deli­cious Pho last night from Indo­chine (a local hotspot here, was a mad­house last night!). Inter­est­ing Thai/Vietnamese menu, you sel­dom see that. I for­got how much I miss legit asian food. The culi­nary scene in Chapel Hill caters to col­lege town kids, mean­ing it’s cheap fare, shod­di­ly made. These snowflakes could­n’t care less about qual­i­ty food, actu­al­ly. That’s pre­cise­ly why you have all of these rinky dink places that serves crap rather than legit food. Back in Chica­go, I’d order this for lunch like it was noth­ing, lol. Like it was Mcky D’s! Hah hah.

Last day of a tumul­tuous year chock full of crazi­ness and chaos. What this year rep­re­sent­ed to me was a cat-scan of Amer­i­ca as a whole, because it revealed the exis­tent under­ly­ing cor­rup­tion. Like can­cer, such cor­rup­tion can remain invis­i­ble until test­ed for. Sad­ly it took Covid19 to be the detec­tor of it. A pesti­lence that serves as a find­er of its own. It’s indica­tive of exact­ly how it is right now: the cor­rupt inves­ti­gat­ing cor­rup­tion. Noth­ing to see here, no evi­dence what­so­ev­er. It’s easy to over­look evi­dence when the desired out­come seems legit.

As the remain­ing six hours of 2020 lie before me, I felt more now than ever before we as Amer­i­can’s are wit­ness­es to a metic­u­lous­ly engi­neered coup d’e­tat the likes we’ve nev­er bore wit­ness to. This isn’t a cutesy, trendy look at me Occu­py Wall­street protest full of self­ie tak­ing snowflakes. It was a move­ment of tru­ly patri­ot­ic Amer­i­cans who knew what was real­ly at stake: the soul of the great­est nation on earth. For if the social­ist rad­i­cals and the com­mu­nist betray­ers man­age to win even an inch, our free­doms and lib­er­ties could be per­ma­nent­ly oblit­er­at­ed. The things you love read­ing, watch­ing, and say­ing might put you on a list. The list of some idiot like AOC. Who will weaponize the free­dom she enjoys in order to exter­mi­nate yours/mine=ours.

Imag­ine a dystopia where noth­ing mat­ters, par­tic­u­lar­ly you. None of your con­cerns, first-world issues, com­plaints, or pref­er­ences mat­tered. Sur­prise you’re in a 3rd world Amer­i­ca where the mid­dle class was destroyed because of these crazy-ass rad­i­cals were per­mit­ted to flour­ish and oper­ate unabated.

I was wea­ried by all of these pol­i­tics and intrigues, real­ly. it becomes tox­ic for our minds and souls, dis­rupts our inner peace eas­i­ly. I want­ed to focus on things of rel­e­vance and life.

Here’s hop­ing 2021 is a far bet­ter clean slate.








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