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writ­ing secret, pro­found things
for nobody I know to dis­cov­er
why write it ? Is a ques­tion I often find myself ask­ing
when we tru­ly knew full well we want­ed every­one to come and par­take in our real­i­ty tv series
and all the inter­est­ing bits we hid from our peeps
or were too embarassed to unleash in the wild.

For me, I found free­dom in the devo­tion of it, the puri­ty of for­ma­tion, cre­ation, think­ing things through.

Try­ing to describe things beyond me was soemthing I found plea­sur­ably pos­i­tive. How can it hurt any­one shar­ing those things ? If only to inspire them to write their own…

pri­vate mat­ters
and unfin­ished poems

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Spike's a poet from Chicago with a very particular set of skills, and has become a vigilante who takes out purse snatchers and punks that menace society. He's also been heavily involved in the ongoing battle against ninjas and corruption. One day he discovered he had extraordinary gifts that differentiated him from normal folk and the government has been after him ever since (not really, feels good to be wanted though). Coffee snob and weapons specialist, foodie, karaoke master, and drawer of people, places, and solver of cold cases. Read More

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