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The inter­net increas­ing­ly more bor­ing now.

More annoy­ing, over­flux of peo­ple who remain strangers, peo­ple who want to ‘like’, love, know you from afar. They are too pre­oc­cu­pied with them­selves.

Truth­ful­ly we’re all too bam­boo­zled, bom­bard­ed by these bom­bas­tic beings. Nar­cis­sists look for love from oth­er nar­cis­sists. You’re either a giv­er, or a tak­er, you can’t be both.

90% of the world are tak­ers. Some tak­ers encounter givers, they think to them­selves ‘wow, a real suck­er I can keep on tak­ing’, much like a lon­es­tar tick, or an assas­sin they want to suck the mar­row from your bones. It’s utter­ly alien to them that some­one gives in todays mod­ern era.

Yet the tak­er nerv­er real­izes the sim­ple fact that the giv­er nev­er seems to run out of where­with­al to give. They nev­er lose heart, they nev­er lose focus, they nev­er lose who they are, they only increas­ing­ly improve, only increas­ing­ly get hap­pi­er, not sad­der. Increas­ing­ly win, despite loss­es.

The tak­er is under the wrong­ful mind­set that tak­ing is the only reli­gion that there is. They can­not see beyond what they see, they are inse­cure, greedy, self­ish, they are thieves look­ing for the next big score. Deep inside they won­der what it must feel like to be a giv­er, but the thought nev­er sticks, it nev­er gets explored. This one last job and then I’m fin­ished, like an Oceans 13 episode.

When I’m on FB, I’m reg­u­lat­ed and forced to abide by Face­book’s TOC, by their con­straints and lim­i­ta­tions. I get bam­boo­zled by peo­ple try­ing to over­share some­thing some­one some­where over­shared to them.

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