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job hunt­ing

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before, in a dif­fer­ent era…it usu­al­ly went down this way…

get all dolled up
lets put on some cologne, don’t for­get the deo for the B.O.
remem­ber that joke some­one told you, the one that breaks the ice and is guar­an­teed to score brown­ie points. Make sure your deliv­ery is more time­ly and in sync than an Amer­i­can Idol audi­tion
bring a pen, a brief­case, fresh copies of resumes and cards, look bet­ter than the one inter­view­ing you. Look more expen­sive, and pre­tend you don’t actu­al­ly need this job. Even if you’re prac­ti­cal­ly want­i­ng to steal the toi­let paper from the mens bath­room on your way out, and all the breath mints, and do a lit­tle spy game check if the recep­tion­ist is sin­gle or not.

give the door guy a $5-$20 bill to say good things about you to any high­er ups who are on their way out of the office to put in a good word.…everybody thinks you’re James Bond because you are.
Watch Amer­i­can Gig­ga­lo a few times to get a bit of con­fi­dence back in your game.
host pok­er night so you can pity par­ty with your guy friends, who always cheer you up and remind you how legit you are. Even if you aren’t they’ll stoke you up any­way.

make sure your breath isn’t stinky, you look vague­ly like an attrac­tive, sparkling sen­sa­tion. look like you’re some­one who doesn’t do any­thing sub­ver­sive or strange, look like you attend Church on a reg­u­lar basis.

Essen­tial­ly like you’re a car­bon copy of Mr. Rogers apply­ing for a job at a Mad Men adver­tis­ing agency.

after sev­er­al piti­ful inter­views, you go to the near­est bar and sulk in style, down a few drinks and go home, eat some greasey Chi­nese food, do a lit­tle laun­dry, and binge on some very bad tv. then call all the girls in your black book to set up dates for the week­end, and cus­tomize your nifty answer­ing machine mes­sage.

In the morn­ing go jog­ging for an entire hour, make sure you have your nifty playlist on that cd rom in your sony dis­c­man. Bring a back­up for extra moti­va­tion.

make sure your face­book, twit­ter, insta­gram accounts look like you’re a genet­ic repli­ca of Justin Beiber
make sure you know more cod­ing lan­guages than Mark Zucker­berg or Tony Stark
make sure your entire exis­tence is noth­ing out­side of inter­net tech­nolo­gies. when you dream you’d bet­ter be writ­ing code in your dreams. the code had bet­ter be well formed and doc­u­ment­ed.
make sure it doesn’t seem like you’re actu­al­ly smarter and well off than oth­ers, even if you are. Some­one some­where might be offend­ed.
make sure your resume is stud­ded with trendy key­words nobody but Mark Zucker­berg or Tony Stark will actu­al­ly fath­om.
have a lifestyle blog that sounds like you have an envi­able lifestyle oth­ers wish they had.

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