It’s not over

It’s not over

Right now, ene­mies have fought a secret war, an infor­ma­tion­al war against the cit­i­zens of the great­est nation on Earth.

Those ene­mies have maligned We the Peo­ple, they’ve brought the #CCP into the fold, who are sim­ply laugh­ing at all of the chaos and weak­en­ing they’ve infect­ed our nation with. A nation that has made them uber rich. Be care­ful who you sleep with, Amer­i­ca. Some­times that mis­tress will get greed­i­er and need­i­er and Chi­na cer­tain­ly has.

Sad­ly, unchecked greed and mind­less con­sumerism have become the new reli­gion of this coun­try. Prob­lem with this is that this entire coun­try whines, com­plains, rebels like spoiled lit­tle shits, maybe they need their free­doms stolen from them in order to instill a greater appre­ci­a­tion of it. But then, if they don’t appre­ci­ate it while they have it, they’ll nev­er appre­ci­ate it when it’s stolen from them. By the very peo­ple who will tick­le their ears with their crazy, far fetched, delu­sion­al dri­v­el. Free shit, mag­i­cal­ly make all of their prob­lems dis­ap­pear. Like a Tony Rob­bins infomercial!

Make no mis­take, we’re already head­long into civ­il war right now.

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you've been on a personal blog before I'm sure, nothing new there.

This one is a personal journal of reflection, musings, thoughts, memories, me waxing nostalgia and loving it. Guilt-free, shameless, perhaps a bit peculiar and overly wordy. Can't help that I'm a writer, I'm a wordy being by default.

Why would you/should you deign to expend any sort of quality time reading me? That's a question better left unanswered. I honestly couldn't give you any sort of mansplation. Maybe you're bored, or want to join my secret club, or subscribe to my info types. This is far more edifying for my own betterment than it is for your self-amusement, really.

as I'd already started, or tried to communicate to you this is a personal journal, with feelings & emotions sometimes (lol). Or me talking about the fun stupid shit you could hardly care about. One can only be so deep before the expiration date expires.

Whatever the reason I'm sure you'll discover it, eventually, and I hope that I've succeeded in earning your interest.

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The author, spike is a half-Korean/white city boy from the north side of Chicago.

For all intents and purposes, you can refer to me as spike (online at least). Unlike Zuckerberg who thought it was a good idea, we all utilize real names in an ever-increasingly dangerous web, on an overpopulated platform that's slated to becoming the next new Myspace I disagree with such sentiments.

I'm originally from Chicago and moved to the sunny piedmont state of North Carolina in September of 2019, well before the year Covid-19 swept across the world. I'm a creative being, multi-talented and just a chillaxed city cat who isn't easily bothered by things, by life online or off. I neither think too highly of myself nor diminish myself much either. Some would say I'm a trip, others might say I'm mysterious and some obnoxious, and unintentionally hilarious/amusing/entertaining.

Whatever the case might be, I'm simply here expressing myself because I can, felt inclined to and well, when you're an exceptional professional you just don't stop.