Went on instagram recently, checking out ‘the competition’ heh heh.

well, if you ever want/need to pick the minds of millennials (slim pickings) and the general consensus of instagram peeps, just check out their poetry hashtags. It’s full of the same, mundane fare…and they sound so desperate, like the script for a Kdrama made by Netflix or what not.

either the poetry is so anemic it’s actually trying not to be a poem, in fear of negative backlash, or just so politically correct (and dry) that it’s trying to be a Hallmark Holiday.

This is all due pretty much to the instapoets Rupi Kaur and Lang Leav, who have made a fortune off of clickhappy people who don’t know ANYTHING about poetry but they sure do know about liking and following people who also don’t.

It’s pretty much a given that Rupi Kaur is a talentless hack who schemed and planned a method few others have thought of, which was to find a greedy souless publishing company desperate enough to see $$ signs in her ‘talent’. Achievement unlocked, she managed to create a audience of lovesick, emo hipster girls who were heartbroken at one point. This is when poetry suddenly ceases being and becomes therapty for the rest of us. Therapy for people who have, at some point in their lives been hurt in some slight fashion. Welcome to the human race, people.

Get over it.

The one thing that these instapoets did do right? They managed to shatter the sleeping, lethargic literary world of poetry and shake it up some. Now every talentless hack who comes along might just fake it till they make it. Maybe they will add pictures with color, type in a typerwriter, some silly As Seen On TV method that will make people want to buy their product.


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