Every new beginning

In Sept 2019, I moved out of Chiraq and journeyed to North Carolina. Goodbye, so long and good riddance to the Democrat run shithole of Shitcago. A city I came to hate and detest over the years, run by corrupt parasites (thieves and assassins each).
It’s coming down for me this way
I’ll be calm for you and fearless
It’s coming from a heated place
A place that means it’s something
It’s coming down for me this way
I’ll be calm for you and fearless

Rhye, Blood Knows

Welcome to my 1st official legit post in my 1st legit new niche blog thang I got going on here. Let’s see if I can make it into something tragically beautiful.

The title of this is a piece from the last karaoke song sang in the Windy City: Closing Time by Semisonic. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, yeah! My beginning’s end was on a Friday, Aug 31 2019. My trustworthy Honda Civic is fully loaded with my stuff. I’ve got a playlist with 5 star rated songs, snacks and my crazy canine compadre in back: sabi the dog. I gave him some drowsiness-inducing chews which knocked him out most of the way. During this time he was still a bit rambunctious and had too much nervous energy. The last minute my neighbor, a Nubian princess named ‘Paris’ lol asked me to help move the bed I gave her into her place. Alas, heroes’ work is never complete.

The way there

My new beginning awaited me in Chapel Hill. I drove out of the city like a bat out of hell, yeah! fast times! heck yeah! I cried out as I did 85-90 from Chitown all the way to Indianapolis. The 2-lane-only highway cut through a swath of dull-looking flat farmland. I’d never been to Indianapolis, no reason to. I’ll give it credit where credit is due it’s cleaner and prettier than I’d imagined it would be. A college town with some historic-looking buildings. I dipped into the lobby of a trendy Hilton hotel chain with some forgettable name to relieve my bladder. Enjoying their free gourmet Starbucks coffee in the lobby. I hate Starbucks but if it’s free it ain’t so bad! hah hah. Little Chicago tricks, nobody knows I’m not a guest here. Benefits of being Asian everybody thinks you’re a tourist staying in the hotel lol.

I leave Indianapolis behind after having had 5 Guys’ burger & fries for lunch, and played with Sabi in the park, which amused a congregation of homeless bums who smiled at the sight of him. I drove 2.5 hrs to Lexington and checked into Ramada inn. Downtown Lexington is beautiful but eerily empty. I felt the intense southern sun’s heat, it was more than Chicago even at the height of summer. When I was leaving the subtle faint chill of an impending winter was starting to form. Summer in the windy city was such a sad joke. By the time you even came close to loving it was cut short.

From Lexington, I cut through Tennessee into the Blue Ridge Mountains onto Asheville, NC. I got to see mountains up close for the first time stateside. I’d been in mountains in the Philippines, in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and South Korea but never in the U.S for whatever reason. Asheville was brief, stayed in a luxury hotel that allowed pets. Never slept in a hotel on top of a small summit before, was a trip. From here it was only 3.5 hrs to Chapel Hill, NC. That’s where I was going to be staying for a few months in my sister’s cozy Airbnb. She wanted me to stay for 6 months but I was wanting my own crib already. Found a townhouse in what I could only describe as The Shire. All it needed was Frodo Baggins and Gandalf. A townhouse for $200 less than my condo back in the Windy City, with my own parking space and swimming pool, and in-unit laundry. Only I hated the electric range stove and having to pay for actual water.

Not only do I have to deal with the juxtaposition between city life and being in a new place entirely but Covid struck. I returned to Chicago on business just prior to the scamdemic. Weird feeling, nostalgia kicks in. I go around as a tourist and haunt some old places of mine. The city is cold and dark, it bears an indifference towards you. You didn’t matter much hardly at all. everybody seemed so peculiar to me now. In NC they greeted you, welcomed you, knew you. In the windy city you were just a nameless entity. It was very Machiavellian. The city also had the effect of draining your soul, and your vitality in such a way that you weren’t anything but a human battery in this matrix-like box. It felt as if I lived in a gigantic mega mall most of my life, and it was far too tight. You were bound to run into an ex fling, an ex-arch enemy, an ex-friend you had a falling out with. In the end you later learn they were just strangers all along disguised as a friend to get something out of you. To learn your style and secrets, your secret fears and vulnerabilities. In the end most of them were thieves really. They stole your time, your secrets, your trust and made you more cynical about life.

2020-21: acclimating, dealing with the crazy shit going on. the anarchists burning places & businesses with impunity, corrupt DA’s and judges, election fraud (it happened), and a secret war happening in the nation. I couldn’t even make this up if I tried.

Through all of this, I’ve started to adjust despite the chaos and death that seemed so pervasive throughout the nation. The vast, extensive depth of corruption is staggering. America will need an epic-sized wake-up call to sober up and come to its senses before it’s too late.
























an expression of the inexpressible.

thought lives matter (and: writing lives for that matter). both are entwined in a double helix of waxing nostalgic + introspective funkiness (whatever that means, just thought it sounded cool). this isn't: for likes, followers, google nonsense chump change, being an 'influencer' (or: professional panhandler).

this is a soliloquy of my deep dish drama. Hey I'm originally a Chicagoan I get to make pizza references.

to break it down for y'alls (I'm now a North Carolinian so I get to use y'all):

45% personal niche-blog: you've been on one perhaps. that's to say chock filled with pretentious quotes, reviews, wayward thoughts, opinions, youtube videos, listicles, etc.

50% sketch-journal: personal notes, thoughts, journal entries, photos, sketches, the like. this is what it's all about really. if you're at all offended, butt hurt and emotionally wounded you can email me. I could use a good laugh!

15% eratta: writings, my not so still life in photos, etc.


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