Closing time every New Beginning starts from some other beginning's end, yeah! -Semisonic, Closing Time

That was the last karaoke song I sang during my launch party back in the windy city. That was early August of 2019. Friends gathered spirits poured, delicious foods devoured and some peeps were unsure of my decision. Those ones couldn't imagine life outside of the city. Yeah, in many ways most city-dwellers can't. Oh, they sure as heck like to pretend that they could. Some are even envious of a sublime, simpler existence on a farm someplace. Little did I know I was headed straight for such a place, where the locals were straight shooters and good-humored, practical, even abnormally normal. My only continuous gripe is how horribly they couldn't drive worth a damn. Indeed they were dangerous and stupid when it came to driving. I had to go from an aggressively defensive driver to a paranoid one.

My new beginning would be in a Nickolas Sparks novel, that is: North Carolina someplace. Specifically in Chapel Hill, where MJ attended undergrad (at UNC).

Michael Jordan

I'm stalking Michael Jordan, makes perfect sense I was supposed to marry his daughter at some point. Just as every Chicago-raised male has aspired to. This place I admittedly am disastrously ignorant of. Most if not all midwesterners would be. Much of my fam relocated there in 2013, so there's that. That's helpful. I came to a hairs breath of having moved to the west coast. Thank the almighty that I avoided that future disaster movie. Nearly moved to Texas, and passed up a job offer in Portland. Interviewed at Whole Foods in Austin (for a web developer job). Good salary + benefits but wasn't feeling it.

Aug 31, 2019 on a early Fri morning I departed the windy city. Paris, my upstairs neighbor needed my help to lift my space-aged mattress into her crib. No good deed goes unpunished. Buh bye, Nubian princess this strapping half Asian adonis is going bye-bye.

I loaded my trustworthy Honda Civic 2018 with appropriate snacks, updated my jams with playlists packed with 5 ★★★★★ star rated songs and I gave some ingestible dog drowsiness tablets to Sabi (bacon flavored). All of my shit was hauled over there already and my sister picked it up at the local storage locker in Chapel Hill. She made it happen all Oceans 13 like.

At 6:30 am I departed. I've been dreaming of this, this is happening right now in real-time. I'm on the I-90 speeding towards Indiana doing 90. My deadly-looking eyes absorb the cityscape of Chitown for one final time. I have lots of bittersweet and fond memories, but I felt like I was escaping prison because it was a prison. That was why many others smartly escaped in droves. Once libtards infect a place like parasites infest a parasitic organism, it becomes a hostile environment. Not right away, they terraform the environment to suit their corruption. And like parasites, they begin extracting all the resources of their hosts (the people who erringly elected them into power). It's sort of like the Alien film franchise, they make a hive and use facehuggers to impregnate their prey.

my last impending road trip out of here I smartly charted out was:

Chi to Indianapolis: 3.2 hrs (more like 2.5 the way I drove)
Indianapolis: chilled for 1 hr to eat lunch at 5 Guys and walk my dog.
worth noting: when requiring a decent bathroom, go into the lobby of the Marriot owned hotel chain, and help yourself to a free cup of gourmet coffee in the lobby on your way out. wonderful wonderful wonderful!

I've never been to the capital of Indiana. There was never a reason to either for the most part. Nobody says 'hey let's go on a road trip to Indianapolis!'. From a Chicagoan's perspective, Indiana is a pitiful, sad, and lowly state ever since they became our mortal enemies when Jordan was with the bulls. But their only saving grace is that they aren't Michigan people (most of the most unlikable peeps in Chitown were from there).

Buh bye boring town. Lots of college kids there and some bums in the park were greatly entertained by sabi playing catch with his beloved ball (he's OC about the damned ball).

Indianapolis to Lexington, KY only an hour or so drive, and once there I headed through a ghost town of downtown, beautiful but empty. The heat was striking, that wasn't what I was accustomed to. Back up north it had already begun cooling down, the dreadful winter was going to come early. Not for me though!

After 1 night in Ramada Inn, my next waypoint will be Asheville, NC. It's a city in the mountains, kick ass. Being from the flatlands this will certainly be an entirely new thing. Never spent the night in a hotel on top of a mountain before! Stayed one night at the Crowne Royal Plaza. Not too shabby.

From Asheville to Chapel Hill, NC: 3.5 hrs. upon my arrival, I stayed in my sister's Airbnb rent free for 2 months. She wanted me to stay 6 but I wanted my own crib. I was adjusting to life, firstly in a new state and then in an entirely new state of life under the scamdemic. Culture shock across the board. I tried to adjust as quickly as I could, it wasn't going to be easy. But it was certainly going to be a fun adventure.