I want to escape
From this max­i­mum secu­ri­ty prison
Called escapism
And have my Andy Dufresne moment

I’ll escape the sis­ters, who prey
Upon the weak, and try to steal
Your very soul from under­neath you
And fight with gus­to the vile ones
In boil­er rooms

And when I’m on a hot roof
Dur­ing a mer­ci­less sum­mer day
Offer to make a tax shel­ter
For an evil guard

One might argue now, right­ly so
That escap­ing from escapism
is in truth, escap­ing from escape
The math doesn’t add up !

No, let me frame it in this way
I’m escap­ing from a being wrong­ful­ly con­vict­ed
Of crimes of pas­sion
And being pum­meled by the injus­tices of life
Because of the man I was des­tined to become

Not what cul­ture tells me who I ought to be
Or the har­row­ing traps of our great soci­ety’

When I get out of here, I’m tak­ing you with me
and then, we’ll final­ly leave this place
To find Annabel Lee’s King­dom by the Sea

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