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Escape from Chicago

I left the windy city on Aug 31st, 2019, at approx 6:30am. Ide­al­ly I would’ve left 5:30am, but Paris my upstairs neigh­bor need­ed my help to get my ginor­mous bed I gave her into her unit. She’s one of those sis­tah’s who thinks she’s descend­ed from some exot­ic African roy­al lin­eage lol. I miss Chica­go neigh­bors, even if they’re some­times dour and sto­ic. Hard city, gets you cyn­i­cal right quick. Con­stant chaos, crazi­ness, and harsh long win­ters, short sum­mers, and over­pop­u­la­tion, gov­ern­men­tal cor­rup­tion, obscene tax­a­tion, and reli­gious­ly fanat­i­cal thiev­ery from demo­c­rat mafia run Chica­go. King Kong aint got shyi­at on Chicago.

Chicago city-scapeFinal­ly, I can say good rid­dance to this city! I drove like a bat out of hell down the I‑90, ahead of me was down­town’s cityscape. It’s a pecu­liar feel­ing, this. A part sor­row and two thirds ela­tion. Even if you hate a place, there’s always an attach­ment to it. I exist­ed here, I took up space and lived a lit­tle while. Inter­act­ed with many dif­fer­ent peo­ple, made friends and some pret­ty cool ene­mies. It’s stranger still to have exist­ed indoors the bulk major­i­ty of your exis­tence. So to me it was a prison of a kind. An expen­sive one at that. An expen­sive, inhos­pitable, and out­right hos­tile one. Guess why that’s the sin­gu­lar rea­son smart peo­ple fled some time ago, well before the outbreak.
My mind flood­ed with mems from my time­line here, both good and bad. Friends come and gone, sea­sons meld­ing into each oth­er. Times of inac­tiv­i­ty and reflec­tion, oth­ers action packed and furi­ous. All the while my soul burn­ing for this very moment I would final­ly leave here. So many peo­ple ask­ing me am I sure? Are you pos­i­tive? Why would you move there? What’s even over there? (In Chapel Hill, NC). Good ques­tion, and I would shrug off their nag­ging queries with a smug lop­sided grin. I even updat­ed my playlist and star rat­ed all of my jams for this very trip.

My route was simple:

  • Chi to Indi­anapo­lis: 3 hrs
  • lunch/walk dog in Indi­anapo­lis: 1 hr
  • Indi­anapo­lis to Lex­ing­ton, KY: 2 hrs
  • overnight in Lex­ing­ton at Rama­da Inn
  • Lex­ing­ton to Asheville: 3.5 hrs
  • overnight in Asheville
  • Asheville to Chapel Hill: 3.5 hrs
  • sec­ondary mis­sion objec­tive failed: vis­it Colonel Sander’s hometown.

I’ve nev­er been to Indi­anapo­lis before. It’s not like there was ever a real press­ing want/need to, either. Besides Indi­ana dunes, which seems like such a sad joke now com­pared to where I’m at I avoid­ed this filthy, pol­lut­ed state. With its indus­tri­al rev­o­lu­tion fac­to­ries and trucks. In my ear­ly 20’s my boys would want to road trip there because white girls were nicer there. I’d hit some pathet­ic casi­no’s now and again just for shits and gig­gles. Some Viet­namese friends thought I was supreme­ly lucky because I won them $500 on roulette once. They were too chick­en to bet on the num­ber 13. Not lucky, just blessed beyond mea­sure hehe.

Fun had while roam­ing through­out down­town Lex­ing­ton, feel­ing the south­ern heat on my skin. South­ern sun felt more intense­ly hot than the hottest sum­mer day in Chica­go, which had start­ed cool­ing down before leav­ing. Crazy how a few hours dis­tance makes has on weath­er. I was bummed I missed Colonel Sander’s home­town, next time.

Asheville was a brief excur­sion. I’ve nev­er in my life been in the moun­tains (not in Amer­i­ca at least, have in the Philip­pines). So sleep­ing in a hotel on top of a legit moun­tain was a real hoo­te­nan­ny. Loved the feel of it, the com­mand­ing view from up high. I stayed at the Asheville crowne plaza, pam­per­ing is vital to my half asian soul :). Keep­ing it classy like that. This is fun. I can get used to it. Felt like I need­ed grav­i­ty boots.



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