ComEd rant

Recent­ly, ComEd decid­ed to auto-bill me a whop­ping $725 for two months worth of elec­tric­i­ty. Then dou­ble bill me to a total of $1400 for sev­er­al months (yeah, that sounds accu­rate, even the ComEd cus­tomer ser­vice rep balked at that one.

I couldn’t gen­er­ate that amount of pow­er unless I was at home run­ning the dish­wash­er, microwave, had all the lights on, tv on, com­put­ers on, hairdry­er„ xbox, karaōke sys­tem and still be hard pressed to reach that amount. I live in a two bed­room flat, not a huge man­sion.

Of course I already knew what the issue was, and I had report­ed that there was indeed an issue. Over the sum­mer when some Mon­go­lian guys moved out of the unit on the first floor (1N) they killed the pow­er to MY unit, obvi­ous­ly in error.

This time around they’re dou­ble billing me, $1400 for sev­er­al months worth. The elec­tri­cian who came on the first call showed me the issue : some genius tech from ComEd came and mis­la­beled each and every unit’s meters. Bril­liant. So now ComEd had dis­patched its geek squad tech over to do some intel­li­gence’ oper­a­tions, now they have to fig­ure out the whole ugly mess and sort out everybody’s billing cat­a­stro­phe over the last few months.

It’s a deep mys­tery why nobod­ies sued these whack jobs yet. They can’t even get their billing right.

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