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Chicago cityscape

Pho­to of the day : Down­town Cityscape

I’m drift­ing through the arter­ies of a city I want­ed to leave.

I’ve been yearn­ing to for some time now, there was too much nos­tal­gia, mixed with sour wine of bit­ter­sweet mem­o­ries. Per­haps I thought when I final­ly am out of here, I can start a new chap­ter in life.

It’s more dif­fi­cult to just get up and head out, to uproot and storm away into anoth­er place. I had my sights set on Austin, Texas.

I want to write more fre­quent­ly, draw and paint more abun­dant­ly. Alas I have very pre­cious lit­tle time these days, a scare com­mod­i­ty if ever there was one.

Imag­in­ing myself there already, where it’s warmer than here, and cheap­er prop­er­ty, per­haps more abun­dant nature, friend­lier peo­ple per­haps. Less chaos, less ghet­to­li­cious side of Chi to deal with. I don’t have to wor­ry about con­stant pot­holes, shoot­ings, and ram­pant unchecked cor­rup­tion. It’s not like 5.0 actu­al­ly pro­tects peo­ple. They’re lit­tle more than cus­to­di­al engi­neers who arrive after the scene.

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