Groovie Movies

Compliance1. Com­pli­ance : Mes­mer­iz­ing movie that depicts the crazy hap­pen­ings that took place at a Chick-fil-et chain in Cal­i­for­nia dur­ing the 90’s. Psy­cho­log­i­cal thriller that shows how gullible, naïve, and sus­cep­ti­ble some peo­ple are under the weight of a seem­ing­ly legit author­i­ty fig­ure.

sideways-feat2. Side­ways : always a clas­sic, unpre­ten­tious com­e­dy that’s based on a road­trip to Sonoma/​Napa Val­ley and cen­ters around wine. There’s rarely a movie like this that’s fun­ny and amus­ing at the same time and has to do with wine snobs.

Coherence3. Coher­ence : A very cle­vere­ly wrought sci fi movie that shows how amaz­ing sto­ry can bring to life even the lowli­est bud­get indie movies.

All the money in the world4. All the Mon­ey in the World : For­tu­nate­ly, Kevin Spacey was replaced with the tal­ent­ed Christo­pher Plum­mer. Painful watch­ing Wahlberg’s piss per­for­mance in com­par­i­son to his co-stars who eas­i­ly out­shine and out­class him (Plum­mer and Michelle Williams ). Most comedic scene was watch­ing Wahlberg try­ing to diss the bril­liant actor Plum­mer with some lame sound­ing lines that tried to sound machisi­mo and cav­a­lier, lol.

Margin-call5. Mar­gin Call : live in the few days just pri­or to the glob­al melt­down and get a glimpse of the Wall­street yup­pies who effect­ed said melt­down and their ver­sion of how things went down.

The-Way-Back6. The Way Back : This is sim­ply a sur­vival­ist movie that feels like a long road­trip by foot through beau­ti­ful lands you will almost nev­er real­ly vis­it will­ing­ly. Ed Har­ris and Col­in Fer­rel.

naked-weapon-movie-feat-img7. Naked Weapon : A secret mod­el­ing agency of female free­lance assas­sins, Mag­gie Q, cheesy sto­ry, and equal­ly cheesy romance. Feels like Bat­tle Royale meets La Femme Naki­ta. I love Hong Kong cheesy asian films, they’re pret­ty tight. Pret­ty girls, cheesy bad act­ing, bas­tardiza­tion of plot lines (Bat­tle Royale meets La Femme Niki­ta) makes for fun filled enter­tain­ment.

Batman8. Bat­man tril­o­gy (Christo­pher Nolan series). In all hon­esty, I don’t think any direc­tor is going to top­ple these in the visu­al sto­ry­telling depart­ment. Yeah, some­times it does feel like the action sequences are so lethar­gic I want to fall asleep, but they still nail the essence of the Dark Knight per­fect­ly, and that’s hard to do. I think we’re all just so damned spoiled that many sim­ply took it for grant­ed that Nolan made some very good cin­e­ma in this tril­o­gy.

Bladerunner-20499. Bladerun­ner 2040 : Once again, I think we’re just a spoiled cul­ture that can over­look and yawn at this, as if it was mediocre cin­e­mat­ic fare. Yet all the fan­boys“ out there in so called nerd world are all harp­ing on about The Last Jedi like it’s the end all be all.

The-Visitor10. The Vis­i­tor : A cute, sim­ple, and straight for­ward sto­ry with a human­is­tic aspect, very fun movie with stel­lar act­ing.

Lives-of-Others11. The Lives of Oth­ers : This is a bril­liant and beau­ti­ful film, tak­ing place is post era WW2 when the social­ists were run­ning things in Ger­many. It shows how we can all be trans­formed by learn­ing and spy­ing on peo­ple we wish we knew in real­i­ty, peo­ple we wish were our actu­al friends.


What is it that we call lone­li­ness. It can’t sim­ply be the absence of oth­ers, you can be alone and not lone­ly, and you can be among peo­ple and yet be lone­ly. So what is it ? … it isn’t only that oth­ers are there, that they fill up the space next to us. But even when they cel­e­brate us or give advice in a friend­ly con­ver­sa­tion, clever, sen­si­tive advice : even then we can be lone­ly. So lone­li­ness is not some­thing sim­ply con­nect­ed with the pres­ence of oth­ers or with what they do. Then what ? What on earth?”

Paul Merci­er, Night Train to Lis­bon