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Car­ing is Creepy

It’s a lus­cious mix of words and tricks
That let us bet when you know we should fold
On rocks I dreamt of where we’d stepped
And of the whole mess of roads we’re now on

-Car­ing is Creepy, The Shins

The matrix entices, seduces, over­rides us
it ridicules and adores us all
it real­ly does have me/​you
Black, white, Lati­na, Asian and Jew
it con­fus­es and annoys us and acts
like the one ring from LOTR
get­ting us all mad at one another
and danc­ing on our emo­tion­al frailties
most of all, it manip­u­lates us to
care about the most mun­dane, triv­ial shit
minu­ti­ae that time trav­el­ers from the 1980’s
would ridicule and mock us for
like oth­er peo­ples thoughts and offens­es’
when we don’t even know what the fence is
that bound­ary we need to establish
more than the south­ern bor­der wall
or the great fire­wall of China
do we even care about one anoth­er anymore ?
Or enter­tain­ing of Angels when they cross our paths
to check in on us once in awhile and tell us
they came to bless us with news of bet­ter days
instead we care about being in bed with strangers who
won­der what they’re doing in your bed the next morning
and won­der­ing how they can wake up in bed with a
sex­i­er stranger than you who makes more sexier
income they can be ins­ta inti­mate with
and who has a bet­ter space-age mat­tress with mem­o­ry foam
and inte­ri­ors by West Elm and Way­fair, not your
Craigslist fur­ni­ture set that bespeaks of your Ramen
eat­ing exis­ten­tial crisis
we must replace what isn’t wor­thy of our car­ing with
what is

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