Captain America Civil War

“Absolute pow­er cor­rupts absolute­ly.” -Lord Acton

I titled this the name of the Mar­vel movie that best describes the polit­i­cal clime (and polit­i­cal idol­a­try) rag­ing on the insides of Amer­i­ca right now. With Cap­tain Amer­i­ca being true patri­ots, and the oth­ers the anti-Amer­i­can left­ist cult. 

What’s hap­pen­ing right now is that there’s far too many bad guys in the equa­tion, and a vast­ly out­num­bered, out­gunned, out­manned good guy side. Every­one’s turned Hydra. The seem­ing­ly ‘good’ guys are dou­ble agents, and scum­bag idiots like Hunter Biden and Eric Swal­well play­ing the part of a cheesy vil­lain from a Van Damme movie get away with mur­der. Because this is the quen­tis­sential archtype of far left­ist rad­i­cals: cheesy, sleazy, and very Chineasy. They took dis­trac­tion and the­atri­cal­i­ty, pow­er­ful agents a bit too off the deep end.

Right now it’s very clear we’re in the midst of a WWIII. It’s a clan­des­tine, invis­i­ble war, waged by a cow­ard­ly nation (Chy-na) a for­eign pow­er that has become too big for its own breech­es. Them, and the glob­al­ist cult that oper­ates in the shadows.

They strength­en and con­sol­i­date their pow­er mean­while Amer­i­can’s are fight­ing a civ­il war for the future of this very stu­pid nation. The prob­lem and great­est threat we face are the anti-Amer­i­can, anti-American(s), and anti-every­thing rad­i­cal left exists. These nihilists need to be as thor­ough­ly oblit­er­at­ed as they them­selves want for oth­ers. Until their cult is wiped out, their voice, thoughts, and pat­terns gone we will have no peace. We will have no true, untaint­ed, authen­tic Amer­i­ca. All we will have is a nation divid­ed, with bi-polar dis­or­der and can­cer of its own bro­ken soul. I can’t speak for every­body (not that I’ve ever tried) but I hate this math:

ene­my grows stronger + focused = more deadlier
while we grow weak­er, dis­tract­ed = weak­er than before

Let’s be per­fect­ly blunt, because I’m sick of all the MTV sense of deco­rum going on right now, all the broke wok­e­ness and Marx­ism thought weapons out there: it’s not bad, it’s not ‘get­ting’ bad, and it’s not accept­able, we’ve already arrived to a worse place pos­si­ble. It seems that many are resigned to noth­ing short of total defeat, dis­man­tling, and destruc­tion of these Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca. They want to com­plete­ly ani­ha­late our cul­ture, rewrite it to some bizarre dil­lut­ed dystopia rem­i­nis­cent of failed EU nations. The left­ists agen­da is clear cut: removal of Amer­i­can’s indi­vid­ual power:

Pow­er to vote
pow­er to pray
pow­er to speak (online or off)
pow­er to change things (in politics)
pow­er to arm our­selves (2nd amendment)

yet their brain­washed cultists are still firm­ly under the grip of their wide­spread cor­rupt­ing thoughts and tox­ic ide­olo­gies. These scum­bags sim­ply blame all trou­bles on anyone/everyone oth­er than them­selves. They patho­log­i­cal­ly lie about every­thing. Politi­cize everything.





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