Bums in the park

I’m walk­ing stoops in Cal­i­for­nia park.

There used to be this hus­band and wife home­less cou­ple who lit­er­al­ly lived in the back of the field house the entire win­ter. Remark­ably, they would have quar­rels and bick­er­ing between them­selves. About what I’m not entire­ly cer­tain of, yet when I’m pass­ing by they put on a hap­py face as if try­ing to entice me into giv­ing them some $$.

The hus­band is an alchy, that much I could tell. He had this hor­rid sound­ing, hoarse, gruff tone that was a cross between deep root­ed anger, self loathing, and shame. Once I caught his atten­tion and he jok­ing­ly asked Excuse me good sir, do you hap­pen to have any grey coupon?” like it was the fun­ni­est thing imag­in­able. So much so he made him­self into a per­fect uproar at his own joke.

Fun­ny, I actu­al­ly always loved those com­mer­cials, it brought be back to a dif­fer­ent time when he had said that. Why did you have to ask me that of all things ? You couldn’t have sim­ply said hey mis­ter, got any spare change ? I wan­na buy some more booze“.

Once, while on a hot date in Wick­er Park a smooth black guy came up to me and said excep­tion­al taste in women my friend” and I prompt­ly gave him $5 because he just made me laugh beside myself. Anoth­er time a guy said Yes I’ll be your pan­han­dler for the evening, want­i­ng to hit you up for $1 so I can get my drink on” lol. That had me in per­fect stitch­es because he sound­ed so offi­cious and bru­tal­ly hon­est. I gave him a few bucks as well.

A time before we cared about things that trend, about how many steps we take, or what video we must see like it’s a life alter­ing event. When I didn’t have to check e-mail more fre­quent­ly than I already do.

Even­tu­al­ly the husband/​wife team decid­ed to leave their lit­tle nest, and I won­dered where they’d gone. It turned out they moved to the more lux­u­ri­ant park across the street, Horner. I still hear their bick­er­ing match­es time to time, and thought why ? You’re already in an abject exis­tence, why fur­ther plum­met in a down­ward spi­ral.

The bums of my child­hood were far dif­fer­ent. Remark­ably, they seemed to be the most charm­ing and dig­ni­fied, they hadn’t aban­doned their own human­i­ty indeed, it was all that they had left. Some­times, I firm­ly hold that when life is at its cru­elest and the world is indeed dark­ened, all you have left is your­self and God. Why throw in the tow­el even when you’re in a sea­son of storms ?

Spring is com­ing

The win­ter was strange weath­er wise, the pat­tern errat­ic, capri­cious, just like the times we’re liv­ing in.

Late­ly, I’m curb­ing my inter­net usage. First­ly, it seems that it takes far too much me time away from me. I see the same olé things, peo­ple say­ing regur­gi­tat­ed things just rehash­ing what some­body else has said, pass­ing it off as their own. Hard to tell who is say­ing what, real­ly, or why. I feel that there ought to be a fil­tra­tion sys­tem, just as we’re all adapt to drink­ing puri­fied water, should our inter­nets be any less puri­fied ? How long are we going to suf­fer trolls, inter­net bul­ly­ing, fame­whores galore, and lotus eaters who seem to pol­lute and take it for grant­ed, not real­ly con­tribut­ing any­thing worth­while of it ? There should be stan­dards, for reals.

I guess I just get sick and tired of hap­pen­ing upon what feels like one mas­sive Jer­ry Springer audi­ence all the time, peo­ple hav­ing flame wars and epic bat­tles over stu­pid things, or peo­ple doing stu­pid things for atten­tion. Stop it, you’re annoy­ing me. Go back to school, work on your career. Being viral isn’t an ends to a means. Live the best life you pos­si­bly can. That per­son mak­ing a fool out of them­selves ? They aren’t any­thing to be envi­ous of. What’s envi­able is read­ing books, expan­sion of your skills, work­ing hard. Not what you can get, steal, take by force, or expect out of a sense of enti­tle­ment.

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