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job hunt­ing

then vs. now­be­fore, in a dif­fer­ent era…it usu­al­ly went down this way… get all dolled up lets put on some cologne, don’t for­get the deo for the B.O. remem­ber that joke some­one told you, the one that breaks the ice and is guar­an­teed to score brown­ie points. Make sure your deliv­ery is more time­ly and in sync than an Amer­i­can Idol audi­tion bring a pen, a brief­case, fresh copies of resumes and cards, look bet­ter than the one inter­view­ing you. Look more expen­sive, and pre­tend you don’t actu­al­ly need this job. Even if you’re prac­ti­cal­ly want­i­ng to steal the toi­let…

Thoughts exact­ly

online​“cul­ture” that isn’tnowa­days, and espe­cial­ly right now (in the gen­er­a­tion of right now-ism) we’re more hope­less­ly immersed (lost) in tech­nol­o­gy, in the self absorbed ecosys­tems of the self absorbed. It’s a long wind­ed argu­ment, con­ver­sa­tion, project, and thread that’s all about how to not live bet­ter than before. How to exist in a sim­u­lat­ed exis­tence 24⁄7. Yet we grav­i­tate toward the unde­ni­able sway and tide of it, will­ful­ly.


It’s start­ing out for me this way…writ­ing secret, pro­found things for nobody I know to dis­cov­er why write it ? Is a ques­tion I often find myself ask­ing when we tru­ly knew full well we want­ed every­one to come and par­take in our real­i­ty tv series and all the inter­est­ing bits we hid from our peeps or were too embarassed to unleash in the wild. For me, I found free­dom in the devo­tion of it, the puri­ty of for­ma­tion, cre­ation, think­ing things through. Try­ing to describe things beyond me was soemthing I found plea­sur­ably pos­i­tive. How can it hurt any­one shar­ing…
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Spring Notes

2019wher­ev­er I look now, something’s amiss…not right with the world. Mor­pheus come in, can you read me ? Trin­i­ty ? via GIPHY Peo­ple look beat­en up, worn, tired, lack­ing in any suc­cor or joy. Yet these are all peo­ple of​“the great­est coun­try on earth”. They are over­flow­ing with milk and hon­ey, with ama­zon prod­ucts, and crap they nei­ther want nor need, sim­ply hoard. Place­bo that is mate­ri­al­ism is start­ing to wane. I think deep inside, peo­ple knew that the reli­gious cult of online sim­u­lat­ed life was crip­pling and neg­a­tive. This is pre­cise­ly why so many of us are drunk with nos­tal­gia,…