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Waking up from the American Dream

Haven’t writ­ten late­ly, been too busy. Busy with real life, busy with all kin­da crazy shit late­ly. As I might have already said numer­ous times I relo­cat­ed to North Car­oli­na from Chica­go in Sep­tem­ber of 2019. For­tu­nate­ly, enough time before COVID-19 hit to get set­tled into my new dojo which lies in Chapel Hill, NC. […]

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“ We leave some­thing of our­selves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there .”

Morning Pages

Out­break still going on, and seem­ing­ly grow­ing worse in some spots. I’ve been on tem­po­rary sab­bat­i­cal from writ­ing any­thing worth actu­al­ly read­ing. The rea­son for this is because of many things. First­ly, I was in the mid­dle of my get­ting accli­mat­ed to an entire­ly newish place: the Pied­mont. Adjust­ing was quite a trip, going from […]

Strange Days

I’m in my le’chateau and it’s Fri­day night, time to relax and chill. Yeah yeah, Covid-19 is still rag­ing, cities are burn­ing and being loot­ed by swarms of mobs, most­ly blacks who feel embold­ened to steal, some even kill. Yeah, Black Lives Mat­ter. What a frig­gin joke. Get the hell out of here with that […]

America on Fire

I actu­al­ly worked at this Nike store in high­school. It’s on Michi­gan Avenue on the Mag Mile, Down­town Chica­go. Does­n’t real­ly look like any of these loot­ers give two shits about the BLM move­ment. Give me a frig­gin break with that stu­pid shit. Ghet­to hood rats are lit­tle more than thiev­ing scum. In truth Chica­go […]

Summer Notes 2020

I awoke unusu­al­ly ear­ly this morn­ing, this hap­pens when it’s humid out. Still not quite used to it being so dark and peace­ful here by night. The bliss­ful rhyth­mic sounds of night crit­ters hum­ming fill my bed­room. Back in Chica­go, I was used to so many ran­dom nois­es and the sounds of chaos, bright city […]

Happy birthday to me

(“\ /) ) \ (^) / \ ‚i. ( ^ ) __|_|__ ^ \/_\/ ‘_______’ (^) ‚—.__ | ‚%y^\\‘ ‚i. | ‘-^-.__,-. (/// _\\) | | | ‚%y^\\‘ | (((( — ))) | | | (/// .\\)) | ((|)_*_/((( _____|_|_____ | (((( ^ )))) | ))(/) (\((|) “.___________.” | (((|)_*_/((() | ((((\___/))(\ \y ‚–.y/ | […]

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Outbreak Blues

As every­body around the entire plan­et pret­ty much knows right now, the world is in  full lock­down mode, and strug­gling with it. Peo­ple were going a bit stir crazy as can be expect­ed even after the first month. Before the onset of COVID-19 peeps were already social dis­tanc­ing online. They were already estranged reclus­es who […]

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Escape from Chicago

Last year I depart­ed the windy city on a ear­ly fri­day morn­ing (Aug 31), approx­i­mate­ly 6ish AM. My next stop would be: Car­rboro, North Car­oli­na. Time to des­ti­na­tion in total: 12 hours. With 2 nights off the road, not so bad. The last few min­utes I spent I had to help car­ry my own bed, […]

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“You’re beau­ti­ful, but you’re empty…One could­n’t die for you. Of course, an ordi­nary passer­by would think my rose looked just like you. But my rose, all on her own, is more impor­tant than all of you togeth­er, since she’s the one I’ve watered. Since she’s the one I put under glass, since she’s the one […]