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this is my bright white mindspace on the web.

Sometimes, it's as incomplete as I can be. It contains fragments of myself...scraps of open to interpretation ancedotes of me. Who can really convey all that there is within ourselves? There's infinite oceans that exist and we've only begun writing on the surface of its churning waters.

if it causes suffering to wade through my waters, please look elsewhere if you're on the prowl for entertainment, amusement, recipes, tutorials on makeup or fixing your car. That's what youtube's there for.

this is simply my own...for my edifying purposes, for my desire to write and reflect on my own thought life + writing life. Sometimes I'm beautiful, sometimes I have to get dirty and other times I'm writing on fumes, feeling down and out, spiritually dry, emotionally unavailable. But I persist, I push on like the energizer bunny...because I must. I was created for greatness, with purpose, with intelligent design in my DNA. That said, I pray that my words do offer a touch of uplift, a gem or three of vitalness to you, the precious reader. If not, then feel free to write me your insights I would love to hear them.
Origin Story

spike (selfie)

There's the idea of me, like a character in an RPG. I have a certain definable level of of strength, experience, skills, endurance, hitpoints, armor, weapons, etc. Much of it would be convoluted, self wrought minutae that typically doesn't tell you who I am, or how I got to be here. It's rather easy for a guy to act cocky, flashy, pretend he's all that and a bag of chips. Yet it doesn't say who he is, what's he like, what's his character all about.

I'm simply put a poet straight out of the windy city, Chicago. I grew up on the north side of the city, raised by the 80's and yet wasn't so affected by that beautiful time. I'd always been powerfully individualistic, a non conformist who was meticulous about his own preferences, attitudes, choices, taste in art / music / authors. However be that as it may none of these things were so significant after all. For I discovered that these things were merely aspects of ourselves and as wayward as the winds of pandemonium. They also formed a obstacle from acceptance, from learning, growing, and developing ourselves or cultivating actual, real, tangible friends. How many of us have prevented others access based on frivolous criteria such as taste in clothes, movies, books, etc? Such shallow criteria was often the basis of shallow beings who deep down didn't have much to offer, and they knew it. They were looking for round pegs for their square holes.

Simply put I'm a chillaxed city cat from the Chi. I adhere to a religion of positivity and abhor all things negative in any shape or form, purging it out of my daily life. I seek to aid others, to be of some benefit and even toward those who come at me as an opponent. There's no greater reward to a martial artist than to make a friend out of a foe. Has anyone been that way toward me? Hardly, and many I've been extremely, unaturally kind toward have faded to the background (and, I suspect many shall also in the future). My motivation isn't contingent on how nice/mean spirited others are toward me. I give all props to God who I credit for getting me through the darkest storms in life (and continues doing so).


I'm pretty confident deep inside, and sometimes can be taciturn other times a bit overly talkative, pending on the given situation. I'm a good friend but don't necessarily make friends easily, and have been a bit of a conceited snob in the distant past, heh heh (not really, I just like saying that I was). I have the heart of a poet and the personality of a used car salesman, an artistic spirit and tthe mind of a chess player.


Streetsmart, creative intellectual, and always an optimist in that I prefer and adhere to an 'optimized lifestyle'. Meaning eat right, work out regularly, pay attention to diet + health, sleep deeply, and work the brain out frequently. I have a propensity for chess and nature, jogging, walking my dog, and much reading or playing with technology. I would consider me to be a bit of a renaissance man. I love learning new things, cooking, writing, and painting. Deep down I can be a bit of a romantic, a nostalgist, and a poet.