Hello, my name is spike (on the internets). Sometimes my handle is uniqfox (usually).

spike selfie

I’m a simple, straightforward, chillaxed city cat from the Chi. Genetically Korean + Italian and a total foodie, poet, and a visual poet to boot. I’m a very private gentleman with a very particular set of skills to pay the bills, yet in all truth and transparency my dream job is something absolutely ridiculous like being the product designer for AS SEEN ON TV, or being a snotty screener for American Idol contestants. You know that guy’s getting bribes left and right heh heh. Or, more preferably to run a cute detective agency where we get paid to retrieve lost or abducted pets, solve cold case crimes that involve the oddest characters, and basically being team Scoobie Doo…sitting around saying some pretty impressive things.

I write much and as frequently as my busy schedule allows. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and well, here they are surprise surprise.

So why should you read me? I’m just getting started here. I’m not writing to strike it rich, I just enjoy hearing myself say things to nobody in particular. Whether it annoys, offends, amuses, and arrests the notice of others so be it, that’s gravy. It’s not the main course however. Accolades and praises from strangers are essentially carbs, neither desired nor requested but sometimes you have little choice but to consume them. If I wanted to kickstart an underground self improvement cult (apparently something Koreans excel in) I’d have done precisely that. However it’s not my intent or purpose to dupe innocents into obeying my commands (though if it were, I’d make them do fun, silly, crazy, goofy, and strange things just for kicks). I am a positivity junkie so you’re likely to become more encouraged and thinking you can take over the world eventually.

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