All about this blog and its author.

this is a per­son­al blog + jour­nal. It exists pri­mar­i­ly as a place for me to unleash what­ev­er it is that I feel is worth­while of post­ing up for the world to read. How­ev­er, since blog­ging and any­thing of the sort is rel­a­tive­ly passee I take some com­fort and assur­ance most of this will be over­looked, glazed over, and gen­er­al­ly flat­ly ignored by the bulk major­i­ty of peeps who pass through this way. the thoughts, opin­ions, writ­ings con­tained here­in are based on one indi­vid­ual, they are nei­ther per­fect nor flawed, they just are, they came from me and aren’t sub­ject to ques­tion or chal­lenge and weren’t designed to offend. If you’re one of the eas­i­ly offend­ed I sug­gest you go get some ther­a­py for that. Life is offen­sive by design. how­ev­er, my goal here isn’t to offend, or diss and dis­miss oth­ers and make any­body feel bad by any stretch of the imag­i­na­tion because its always the oppo­site. I seek to lift peo­ple up, infuse pos­i­tive vibes and always shar­ing in what I con­sid­er the best parts of me. life’s short and I feel there’s already a gross over­sat­u­ra­tion of neg­a­tive influ­encers every­where, espe­cial­ly Insta­gram and Twit­ter par­tic­u­lar­ly. thanks for vis­it­ing and warm wel­comes !


I, spike.

I go by spike online (not IRL) it’s my pen name, also my alias as I am an enhanced human and need to pro­tect peo­ple close to me from being attacked by hater super vil­lains of course. I’m a poet from Chica­go. Half Kore­an + white, 6’0 ft approx­i­mate­ly, and rough­ly 170 lbs. you might say I’m a cre­ative g33k, and I am. I’m a design tech­nol­o­gist by trade, which is to say I work on macs and adobe cre­ative cloud apps, wacom tablets, and writ­ing code the major­i­ty of my life. the major­i­ty of my time is in read­ing, writ­ing, art + design, work­ing out and prac­tic­ing jeet kune do, a min­i­mal­ist mixed mar­tial art frame­work devised by the late Bruce Lee. I also run my faith­ful canine cam­padre sabi quite often. not here to acrue likes, fol­low­ers, or the express desire to pro­cure your hard earned $ and to click thru my google non­sense. I’m here sim­ply to excer­cise my writes. and it’s start­ing out for me this way…