Inexpressible: engine running on the thought life + writing life of a chill urban city cat from the Chi. He's both beautiful and obnoxious, goofy and crazy, fun loving and fierce on the page.

I'm not here to provide you with food porn and special offerings, advice and tweaks/hacks on self improvement. This is really something I wanted for me, and I'm my own #1 fan right now (I kinda have to be).

The author

I go by spike (sometimes) on the interwebs, my super spy code name.

I'm half Korean + Italian, approximately 6'0 ft, and weighing 170 lbs. I'm a poet, writer, artiste + designer and sometimes a bit of a g33k but not really.

Truthfully this isn't about me being me, it's about introspection, purpose, questions we all face in our daily life. If I wanted to be narcissistic I'd simply open up an instagram account or become an instagram poet. I enjoy learning, discoveries, sharing, and edifying others through my own actions. I'm more of a giver than a taker and I'm here to do precisely that. We only grow stronger by strengthening others, and the haters kept on hating.

Naturally I write a bit about this or that, my so called life, thingies I enjoy or not so much, but mostly I keep it on the positive and hopefully a nugget or two will convince you to come back. For now, please enjoy.