2020 Elections

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2020 Elections

Novem­ber 3, 2020. The day came swift­ly, and 2020 was but an incom­pre­hen­si­ble motion blur with Covid19 dis­rupt­ing life through­out the entire civ­i­lized world.

It did­n’t seem like the far left & rad­i­cal libs were ner­vous or appre­hen­sive. Sur­pris­ing since they aggres­sive­ly rebelled against the right­ful­ly elect­ed pres­i­dent (yeah, the Mueller probe turned out to be, just like every­thing else a com­plete sham). Indeed the fake news media, betray­ers of the mass­es weren’t freak­ing out. They lost their usu­al fear and anx­i­ety as if know­ing in advance what would hap­pen. Some­things not right.

These sub­ver­sive types who hat­ed the coun­try embraced wok­e­ness and can­cel cul­ture had wast­ed 4 years rail­ing against POTUS. It was anti-Amer­i­can and quite trea­so­nous actu­al­ly. I found them vul­gar and loath­some, they want­ed to ter­raform the coun­try into a Euro­pean Union clone. Yeah like that’s some­thing to aspire towards.

For all of their inces­sant whin­ing, bitch­ing & moan­ing like spoiled snowflakes, they only con­tin­ued in their dis­si­dence. All inspired by the likes of idiot politi­cians like Nan­cy Pelosi, Eric Swal­well, Chuck Shumer. All of whom were Chi­nese lick­spit­tles in reality.

I knew when Pelosi pushed for exten­sive mail-in bal­lot vot­ing rights that would be the path­way toward Biden’s elec­tion heist. This crazy old hag was announc­ing her par­ty’s evil scheme lol. Trans­lat­ed ‘We need more mail-in bal­lot rights so we can cheat come elec­tion day’.

That’s exact­ly what they did, there’s irrefutable, insur­mount­able evi­dence that any­body can clear­ly see:

  • video(s) of fraud at mul­ti­ple polling sites
  • forged/dead/duplicate/backdated mail-in ballots
  • servers that were con­nect­ed to the internets
  • data visu­al­iza­tion sto­ries that clear­ly iden­ti­fies and illus­trates the vot­er fraud irreg­u­lar­i­ties that are eas­i­ly marked (thanks to cheat­ing via mail-in ballots).

It’s not so much a lack or abun­dance of evi­dence, it’s hav­ing eyes and per­sons of rel­e­vant power/stature who give a damn about it and are moved to act on said evi­dence. When you have cor­rupt with job descrip­tions to inves­ti­gate cor­rup­tion, well there’s a bit of a conundrum.

Thus far, there haven’t been any arrests or any show of force. If there was well, the house of cards col­laps­es. Jus­tice in the hands of cor­rupt indi­vid­u­als isn’t the most opti­mal thing.

I see our coun­try being con­sumed by an infes­ta­tion of social­ism, com­mu­nism, chaos, anar­chy, and a hate­ful atti­tude born of des­per­a­tion. Des­per­a­tion to seize pow­er, to infect our gov­ern­ment and our nation with a sys­tem of oppres­sion, sup­pres­sion, depres­sion. The rad­i­cal left embod­ies those three things, they fight to inflict it on all and per­se­cute any who resist. They love to retal­i­ate vs. any/all who dares to defy their con­structs of decep­tion, dis­il­lu­sion­ment, and dis-empowerment.

They (main­stream media, Twitter/FB) con­cealed the Hunter Biden scan­dal because they knew it would destroy all hope/chances of a Biden pres­i­den­cy. These ene­mies of our nation will do any­thing in their pow­er to rob this nation of its vot­ing pow­er. When you have that right, that pow­er which is yours stripped away you’re no longer liv­ing in a free nation, it’s a farce. Some dia­per stain like Zucker­berg will come along and steal it from you.

What’s the most dam­ag­ing thing about this entire con­spir­a­cy isn’t the evil it con­tains, it’s the sad real­i­ty that there aren’t any heroes left with grit and back­bone required to thwart it.



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