Captain America Civil War

“Absolute pow­er cor­rupts absolute­ly.” -Lord Acton

I titled this the name of the Mar­vel movie that best describes the polit­i­cal clime (and polit­i­cal idol­a­try) rag­ing on the insides of Amer­i­ca right now. With Cap­tain Amer­i­ca being true patri­ots, and the oth­ers the anti-Amer­i­can left­ist cult. Read More

Winter Notes 2021

This is a sea­son report, it’s to recap what went on dur­ing a par­tic­u­lar peri­od in my life. I like to reflect and remem­ber the par­tic­u­lars of sea­sons. Some were real­ly good, and oth­ers chal­leng­ing, maybe a bit sad and down­right mis­er­able. Yet that was fine, I found it per­plex­ing that mere mor­tals con­stant­ly sought a con­tin­u­ous com­fort lev­el that was nev­er-end­ing like they were some­how able to shape their cir­cum­stances. Like that was even fea­si­ble, much less real­is­tic. Even rich and sexy peo­ple aren’t insu­lat­ed from their share of first-world prob­lems. They just hide it bet­ter and have more meth­ods of escape, hid­ing, flee­ing. Does­n’t every super-vil­lain gets con­front­ed by super­heroes?Read More

It’s vital to draw birds

This is in response to the author of ‘War of the Fox­es’, one Richard Siken in which he pon­tif­i­cates on the rel­e­vance of draw­ing a bird.

A man saw a bird and want­ed to paint it. The prob­lem, if there was one, was simply
a prob­lem with the ques­tions. Why paint a bird? Why do any­thing at all? Not how,
because hows are easy–series of sequence, one foot after the other–but existen-
tial­ly why both­er, what does it solve?


-The Lan­guage of Birds, War of the Fox­es, -Richard SikenRead More

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This Newness feels old

Hel­lo future self, and any peo­ple that are read­ing this right now, won­der­ing why they’re even here read­ing this. Yet why does any­one actu­al­ly scour the web for per­son­al blogs except to steal our key­words and our thoughts, ideas, prod­uct reviews. What we might actu­al­ly freely give away. See the inter­net isn’t what it once was, it’s start­ing its steady decline into a back­ward, bro­ken, cor­rupt shad­ow of itself. Over­ly pop­u­lat­ed with tak­ers now who have been con­di­tioned to be vam­pires, obese par­a­sites that suck the mar­row out of oth­ers very exis­tence.Read More