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job hunt­ing

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before, in a dif­fer­ent era…it usu­al­ly went down this way…

get all dolled up
lets put on some cologne, don’t for­get the deo for the B.O.
remem­ber that joke some­one told you, the one that breaks the ice and is guar­an­teed to score brown­ie points. Make sure your deliv­ery is more time­ly and in sync than an Amer­i­can Idol audi­tion
bring a pen, a brief­case, fresh copies of resumes and cards, look bet­ter than the one inter­view­ing you. Look more expen­sive, and pre­tend you don’t actu­al­ly need this job. Even if you’re prac­ti­cal­ly want­i­ng to steal the toi­let paper from the mens bath­room on your way out, and all the breath mints, and do a lit­tle spy game check if the recep­tion­ist is sin­gle or not.[Read more]