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The year is steadi­ly wind­ing clos­er toward the fin­ish line.

I recent­ly migrat­ed to the pied­mont of NC. On Aug 31st, 2019 at 6:30 am, I left the windy city once and for all. The city was still asleep, and it felt weird see­ing down­town in my rearview mir­ror, the tell­tale Willis Tow­er’s trade­mark anten­nae array, the John Han­cock build­ing, the Illi­nois state-build­ing. I’d dreamed of this very moment, it was hap­pen­ing and I was liv­ing it. My 2017 Hon­da Civic was filled to capac­i­ty with my lug­gage, and Sabi (the prince of dogs) was chill­ing in the back seat.

Would have left even ear­li­er, but my upstairs neigh­bor a sin­gle black mom named Paris need­ed my help lift­ing my bed up to her unit. I bequeathed her my space-age mat­tress, how kind of me.

It was just start­ing to get mild­ly chill in the air then, as it usu­al­ly does. I drove like a bat out of hell and wound up in Indi­anapo­lis only 3 hrs lat­er. I would some­times road trip to the Indi­ana Dunes some sum­mers, yet I hat­ed the state. Most­ly because of the intense rival­ry between the Chica­go bulls and the Pac­ers back in the Michael Jor­dan era. My friends and I some­times would vis­it Indi­ana at times to hit the casi­no’s or meet girls, who were much more approach­able than Chica­go chicks.

Yet nev­er been to Indi­anapo­lis, nor had any desire to. Beau­ti­ful town, more so than I would’ve ever guessed. I snuck into a hotel lob­by to relieve my blad­der, grab­bing a free cup of Star­bucks on the way out. How nice of them to pro­vide it for their hotel guests, heh heh. Ate lunch at 5 Guys than was off to Lex­ing­ton, KY. When I arrived the inten­si­ty of the south­ern sun amazed me. I was­n’t expect­ing it at all, but I was very hap­py about it. Even the hottest sum­mer day in Chica­go was­n’t as intense as this! Wow, this real­ly was a cli­mate change for me. Final­ly, no more hor­ri­ble Chi win­ters.

Now that I’m here, I feel like I’m still in Chica­go for some rea­son. I keep think­ing of all the places where I once occu­pied, where my ori­gin sto­ry actu­al­ly tran­spired. It’s easy to say you’re nev­er look­ing back, hard­er when you’re a writer and the details scream at you to fill in the blanks, col­or them bad like an adult col­or book.

Each and every day, when you look past all of the hoopla and fruit­less chaos hap­pen­ing I saw through the lens­es of a sober­ing truth: a drought of authen­tic, legit love. The des­per­a­tion for that love fuelling the mass­es to destroy and ruin oth­ers for some sense of alive­ness that could­n’t be obtained in that way. And now, the lotus-eaters and the lost snowflakes con­tin­ue to rage and war like there’s no con­se­quence. I only hope and pray that some­day, these snowflake Mil­lenials will have their eyes opened.




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